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Bubba McDaniel Always Thinks Of The Worse Case Scenario

On last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Team Jones member Bubba McDaniel looked none too pleased while hearing about his quarter final match up vs. this season’s favorite Uriah Hall.

“I’m one of those head cases. Where, I’m like worst case scenario right off the bat. No matter who I fight,” McDaniel said recently as a guest on Darce Side Radio. “It’s just the way it is, unless I picked it myself. Unless I’ve gone o.k. this is what I want to do, this is what’s going to happen and I thought about it already. But if you bring it to me and go, ’this is what you’re doing, this is where you’re going,’ I’m going to be like ah he’s going to kick my ass.”

McDaniel seemed very confident early in the season when he called out Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey, but after his preliminary loss via rear naked choke to Kelvin Gastellum, he was left hoping for a shot at the wildcard round to get back in the tournament.

“It was one of those things where I woke up the next day with this hole sitting on my chest. It was just like something was pressing down. I had a hole in my heart. Everything was wrong about the way that fight went to me. I felt like I had a lot more to prove. I was really, really hurt that I put on the performance that I did.“

McDaniel rebounded after that performance with a win over Kevin Casey, and will now face the man Dana White has claimed at the beginning of this season that no one wanted to fight, Uriah Hall.

McDaniel explained that after he gets over his being a head case in regards to a fight announcement, he can then start to focus on it.

“Once I start flipping the switch going o.k. this is where I’m going to beat you, this is where it’s going to happen, McDaniel said. “Every day was a different step towards me getting in there and getting in Uriah’s face.”

“Don’t get me wrong, right off the bat I was like oh crap, well here we go,” McDaniel admitted. “At the same time I knew I got to beat everybody. It was time to flip that switch and get ready to get in there and punch that dude in the face.”

Tonight we will see if he was able to overcome his uneasiness, and flip the right switch against Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall, or become another highlight reel KO like his teammate Adam Cella.