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Wanderlei Silva, Nick Diaz, Uriah Hall: The Morning News Roundup – 4.2.13

Ugh. You know it’s a painfully dead news cycle when the biggest story around is whether or not UFC star Wanderlei Silva is actually filling in for Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on Fuel TV 9 this Saturday (like Silva said he was yesterday – on April 1), or if the “Axe Murderer” was really playing a big April Fool’s joke on us. Will Gustafsson be cleared to fight despite that cut on his forehead sustained in training recently? We still don’t know. Will Silva step in to face Gegard Mousasi in his place? When Silva told the media that he was flying to Sweden to fight, and we believed him, were we all punked? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want to see some quality fights. Here’s your news:

• The Great Wanderlie Silva Mystery of 2013. Who can solve it? He says it was all a joke – should we believe him? I bet he’s trying to trick us again, and he’s really stepping in to face Ryan Couture. Anyway, as far as Mousasi knows, the Gustafsson fight is still on. Maybe.

• Remember in the movie Fight Club when Marla calls the house and Tyler Durden is in the other room messing around with nunchucks? Yeah, that’s what this Nick Diaz video reminds me of.

• TUF 17 super-standout Uriah Hall is fighting his semifinal bout on tonight’s episode. His opponent is Bubba McDaniels. What are the odds he a) knocks McDaniels out, b) decapitates McDaniels, c) hits McDaniels so hard McDaniels’ mom explodes, and d) all of the above?

• Why write about MMA? Here’s why, courtesy of Team Rebellion.