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Johny Hendricks On GSP: “Maybe He Feels Like He Can’t Take The Punch”

The entire MMA media, along with its fans has continually dissected the fighting style of Georges St Pierre for years now. The lack of finishing fights style that is. Many pundits believe that ever since his TKO loss to Matt Serra at UFC 69 “GSP” has developed a style that maximizes safety, lacks excitement, and mostly just showcases his wrestling.

No. 1 ranked welterweight contender Johny Hendricks, also known for wrestling, but more so for his cinder block of a left hand, was a guest on SiriusXM Tapout Radio recently. He took a crack on analyzing the current UFC welterweight champion.

“I think that he doesn’t want to have the close fight,” Hendricks said. “Like the Carlos Condit fight, it was close, that was fun for the fans, and that’s what they paid for. I think that’s one thing that he doesn’t want to have. He doesn’t want to know did he win, did he not win.”

Interesting point from the fighter known as “Big Rig.” “GSP” has definitely not had to fret about going to the judges much in his last six fights. Hendricks, who will face “GSP” for the title later this year, has had two split decisions in his last six fights. So he certainly knows about pressure when a fight goes to the judges. He also knows a thing or two about wild exchanges and KO’s, earning three knock out of the night bonuses in his last three KO victories. Hendricks is of the opinion that “GSP” may lack confidence in taking a big punch.

“Also he’s been wobbled a couple times on the feet, where they weren’t solid shots, but they hurt him,” Hendricks explained. “And I think that plays into his mind set of ‘Can I stand and take any more because if you punch me I may be out.’”

“Maybe he feels like he can’t take the punch.”

That point can certainly be debated, since “GSP” ate a huge head kick from Carlos Condit in their UFC 154 title fight and fully recovered. Whether Hendricks is right or not about the confidence of “GSP,” we won’t really ever know, but he was certain about what the drawbacks are of lacking confidence in your chin.

“That right there can be the most devastating thing a fighter can ever have in his head.”

With the way Hendricks has been fighting, no one can question his heart, or confidence in his chin. Especially, after earning “Fight of the Night” honors in his unanimous decision victory over Carlos Condit, his last time in the Octagon. He cemented that point with this statement:

“No matter what, I don’t care how hard you punch,” Hendricks said. “I’m always like I can eat your punch, can you eat mine? That’s my mindset going into the fight. But if you have any doubt that you can take that punch, you are at a disadvantage and you’re probably more likely to get put out, in my book.”

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