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Alexander Gustafsson, Invicta FC, Tachi Palace Fights: The Morning News Roundup – 4.1.13

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question this morning, after news circulated around the interwebs yesterday that Alexander Gustafsson – who is supposed to headline this Saturday’s UFC on Fuel TV 9 opposite Gegard Mousasi – suffered a cut on his forehead in training and might not be able to fight. For us here in the States, that’s maybe an “Aw, man!” type of thing, because hey, it’s just a UFC on Fuel TV. But to the 15,000 fans of the Swede striker, who bought tickets to see the hero fight in his hometown, it’s definitely a “Holy crap, that sucks!”-level catastrophe. So is Gustafsson going to be cleared to fight or not? Here’s your news:

• Here’s MMAFighting with the injury report. And here’s Dana White saying the bout is still on – although I’d take that statement with a huge grain of the kind of salt promoters pass around the dinner table to make things taste better than they really are.

• Hey, there’s also an installment of Invicta FC on Friday. Here’s promoter Shannon Knapp getting all nostalgic.

• Meanwhile, in the world of regional MMA, some good news. Last year, the tribe that runs Tachi Palace Fights in California pulled the plug on the organization, but now it seems they’re turning the juice back on. In case you didn’t know, TPF was THE PLACE for fighters under 155 pounds to go, which, prior to the UFC’s adoption of those lower weight classes, was great for determining the world’s best featherweights, bantanweights and flyweights.