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Anderson Silva: Georges St-Pierre “Struggles With The Very Rule Of The Sport”

Anderson Silva is considered by many as the pound-for-pound best in MMA. Georges St-Pierre is also highly ranked, with him coming in as number two or three to most. Based off those credentials, a superfight from the two most dominant champions in the UFC is what the fans want to see.

If the superfight was to happen, Silva thinks he takes the win as he knows the sport better.

“I did not see his last fight, but I think it a great strategist,” said Silva to TATAME. “Fight within the rules. It is nothing too abnormal. He’s a complete guy, but he struggles with the very rule of the sport. He knows how to use well the rule. ”

In their respective divisions, each has dominated. Silva has 10 middleweight title defenses and St-Pierre just earned number eight. Both currently have No. 1 contenders.

Silva is currently renegotiating his UFC contract and the word retirement has been mentioned for St-Pierre as of late.