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Marcus Brimage: “They Think I Suck. They Keep Using Me As A Stepping Stone”

UFC on FUEL TV 9 will feature the hype train derailer Marcus “Bama Beast” Brimage (6-1) squaring off against Dublin, Ireland’s hot prospect Conor McGregor (12-2). The featherweights will clash at the Ericcson Globe Arena on April 6 in Stockholm, Sweden.

At 3-0 with the promotion, Brimage has stifled several other rising stars hopes of making an impression in the UFC. Although he hasn’t yet finished any of his adversaries, it doesn’t mean that that’s not the goal. McGregor has finished nine of his fights in the first round, but Brimage is looking forward to making a statement.

“The plan is to win by any means necessary. If it goes to decision it sucks, but it’ll go to decision. If I knock his ass out in the first, then I knock his ass out in the first. We don’t get paid by the round in the UFC,” Brimage told MMA Fight Corner in a recent interview.

Ready to get to the next level of his MMA career and face fighters that will put him in a position to get his name closer to the mix of contenders in the division, Marcus wants the masses and the UFC to know, he doesn’t want to be viewed as the welcome mat anymore.

“It’s just that the position I’m in, in the UFC, everyone thinks I suck. Sooo if I beat you, you really suck. Because they keep using me as a stepping stone. Maximo Blanco he was supposed to on the fast track to Aldo, I stopped that…Jimy Hettes, I stopped that. Now this guy, and I’m about to stop that again. They think I suck. They keep using me as a stepping stone, but if I keep beating you and you suck, then that means you really suck.”

Brimage’s last fight was seven months ago at UFC 152 and according to him, he has no idea why it took so long for him to get another fight booked.

“To be honest with you, I don’t know either. I feel like I was being punished for beating Jimy Hettes. I was like ‘yo what’s going on with that?’ So that was kind of shocking. But the time was well spent because I’ve done a lot of training you know. So all the months I had off, I did nothing but get better in the process. I’m kind of happy to have that time off to just to relearn my craft,” Brimage said.

McGregor’s riding an 8-fight win streak, but “The Bama Beast” isn’t the least bit intimidated by McGregor’s resume.

“He’s supposed to be big. He’s supposed to be bad, but I went back and I watched his fights and the guys were just scared of him and it was bad. I don’t even understand how you can be a fighter and be that scared of an opponent. And both of his championship fights he got hit four times in both of his championship fights. Who the hell was the champion? You know what I’m saying? How are you only going to get hit four times and you’re the challenger for the belt? I just don’t understand that,” Brimage stated. “I think they were all scared and I’m not scared. So that’s going to be a big difference for him.”