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Johny Hendricks Punches With Less Than 100 Percent Power

Johny Hendricks has a special technique when throwing a punch. As Hendricks hits an opponent, he only uses a portion of his strength and focuses more on accuracy. To him, it’s better to connect with shots that count.

“No matter what happens, whenever I throw a punch, I at least want to get close enough that they have to respect it,” said Hendricks to Fight Land.

So far, that style has worked well for Hendricks, who is the No. 1 contender to the UFC welterweight championship.

Four of his UFC fights haven’t left the opening round, which includes a 21 second knockout over former title contender Jon Fitch. For his punching ability, Hendricks has taken Knockout of the Night three times.

After Hendricks defeated Carlos Condit at UFC 158, he expressed interest in getting his championship shot in the summer. The title bout with Georges St-Pierre hasn’t been given a date.