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Dominick Cruz, Bellator, Zuffa: The Morning News Roundup – 3.29.13

The eighth season of Bellator is drawing to a close, with last night’s installment seeing the culmination of the light-heavyweight tournament and the lightweight tournament. Hey, remember a few months ago when Renato “Babalu” Sobral and King Mo were destined to clash in the 205-pound tourney finals? Yeah, well, they were conspicuously absent from the cage last night, knocked out of the competition (literally) early on. But such is life in the crucible of combat known as the Bellator tournament. One day you’re the sure thing strutting into the quarterfinals, and the next day you’re just some schmoe watching the second-to-last episode of the season at a nearby Applebees. Here’s your news!

• Bellator 94 play-by-play, courtesy of Miggs Barragan over at FightLine. And here’s MMAFighting’s Luke Thomas waxing poetic on it.

Chuck Mindenhall takes up the discussion on whether or not long-lost UFC Bantamweight Champ Dominick Cruz should get the axe for being injured so long.

• Did you know posting videos of stuff Zuffa owns can get you sued? That’s crazy, right? Anyway, here’s MMAPayout addressing the issue.

• Every weekend in the United States there are minor league MMA events – much smaller affairs compared to what you’d see on TV, but damn if they don’t happen and thrill the locals. FiveOuncesofPain has been posting slideshows of these events, so if you’re curious as to what a grassroots show looks like, check ‘em out. Here’s one from last weekend.