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Bellator 94 Fight Results: Newton Vs. Zayats

Main Event
Light Heavyweight Tournament Final(205lbs)
Emanuel Newton vs. Mikhail Zayats:
Round 1. Main event time ya’ll. They look very even on the feet so far. Newton catches a kick by Zayats and lands a nice right hand. Newton attacks and eats a right hand for his troubles. Wow, they’re swinging for the fences. Quick exchange but nothing landed cleanly. Zayats meets Newton with another right hand as Newton engaged. They exchange again and it seems as if they’re still very even. After landing a right, newton takes Zayats down and stays on top. Short hammer fists by Newton while Zayats pivots for an arm. Zayats uses the cage to get back to his feet and now he gets a body on Newton. Newton gets the TD but they scrambling nicely on the ground. Newton is trying to keep Zayats down while Zayats wall walks. Zayats is giving up his back and Newton is thinking about going for that choke. Newton is basically riding the clock, staying on Zayats’ back as the bell rings. Tough round to score.

Fightline gives round 1 to Newton. 10-9

Round 2. Newton counters Zayats right hand but the punch comes up short. Zayats’ turns up the heat and attacks newton but Newton defends well. Newton isn’t attacking as much as he did against King Mo, he’s countering more than anything. Spinning back kick totally missed by Newton. Over hand right followed by a left hook from Zayats that barely missed. Zayats is attacking first then popping away asap, before Newton can counter. Nice uppercut left hook by Zayats, lands well. Newton engages for a clinch but Zayats backs away. This round is looking like Zayats’. Spinning back fist by Zayats that just missed. It appears as if these guys are fighting right outside their own range. Clean 1-2 lands for Zayats. Zayats attacks once more, not landing much but just as i say that, Zayats lands a stiff right hand that looks as if cut Newton open. Zayats gets the TD right before the round ended.

Fightline give round 2 to Zayats. 19-19

Round 3. They tap and they go. Zayats attacks again and they engage in a clinch. Newton pushes Zayats to the cage but it doesn’t appear as if he’s going for the TD. Double underhooks achieved by Newton but Zayats escapes. Stiff left jab by Zayats. 1-2 lands cleanly by Newton drops Zayats, newton attacks and catches Zayats in a bulldog choke but with Zayats experience, he escapes it well. Newton attacks but eats a right hand, but not without throwing a spinning back fist. Zayats shoot in on a double, gets the TD but cannot hold Newton down. Zayats with a mouse underneath his left eye and Newton with blood coming out of his left eyebrow. Now Newton shoots for the single and gets it. Zayats threatens with an armabar but Newton escapes. Newton leaps in one more time before the bell sounds.

Fightline gives round 3 to Newton. 29-28

Official Results: Newton def. Zayats by unanimous decision(29-28×3)