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Bellator 94 Fight Results: Awad Vs. Rickels

Lightweight Tournament Final(155lbs)
Saad Awad vs. David Rickels
Round 1. Low kick by Rickels, barely missed. Quick slip by Awad but he popped up immediately. Awad catches a kick by Rickels and Awad lands some nice shots. they exchange again but this time Rickels gets the better of it. Awad is staying very patient, keeping the center of the cage. Rickels attacks but nothing, he retracts. Awad catches the kick again and gets the clinch. He circles away and takes Rickels down. Awad on top in Rickels open guard. Awad staying busy on top, landing some decent hammer fists. Rickels wrestles to get back to his feet with Awad on his back against the fence. Awad landing clean knees the thighs of Rickels. Awad again takes Rickels down. Ax kick by Awad lands on Rickels body and jumps back in to Rickels guard. Awad tries to pass and gets to half guard and threatens with a guillotine but nothing behind it as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Awad. 10-9

Round 2. Awad again take the center of the cage. They engage and Awad lands some nice punches, followed by a slam takedown by Awad. He’s in Rickels half guard, Rickels moves to full guard. Awad basically beating Rickels at his own game. Just as i say that, Rickels pops back up, gets a body lock and takes Awad down. As Rickels was in Awad’s half guard, Awad bridges nicely and regains top position. Rickels threatened with a side choke but Awad was all but out already. Rickels going for an omoplata but Awad defends it easily. Awad stands and lands a quick punch. Just as Rickels pivoted for the arm, Awad pulls out. This fight reminds me of Fitch/Maia, Rickels getting “out-Rickelsed”. Awad pushes Rickels to the fence and lands an elbow. Rickels pops to his feet and is exchanging on the feet and it appeared as if Rickels got in the cleaner shots. They keep exchanging as the bell sounds. Aawww shit, controversy. As they exchanged at the end of that round, Awad was badly hurt and drops belly first to the canvas right as the bell rang. He rolled over to his back and stayed there because the round had ended but the ref called an end to the bout. I assume the ref was thinking Awad was out. Rickels began to celebrate and the decision is up next. Stand by.

Official Results: Rickels def. Awad by TKO at 5:00 of round 2.