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Bellator 94 Fight Results: Mann Vs. Lima

Bantamweight Feature Bout(135 lbs)
Rodrigo Lima vs. Ronnie Mann
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and they’re off. Mann looks ripped at 135lbs. They exchange low kicks, both land. Lime lands a left hook after a 1-2 combo. Overhand right by Mann lands as Lima throws a low kick, throws him off balance some. Now Mann eats a right hand as he throws a low kick. Leaping in left hook right hand for Lima. Manns stand up looks way cleaner. Lima is not afraid to throw though, landing his right hand on occasion. Lima lands a clean left hook that drops Mann but he’s recovered nicely. Mann is slowing down, trying to recover even more I see. Someones mouth piece went flying but I can’t figure out who’s. Ok it was Lima’s. Mann landed a clean right hand that sent it to the ground. Lima actually looks quicker than Mann. Tough round to score, Lima scores a flash knockdown.

Fightline gives round 1 to Lima 10-9

Round 2. Mann taking the center of the cage while Lima circles. Lima lands that left hook again but this time Mann takes it well. Lima is going to the well too many times. Lima catches a kick and lands a right hand. They clinch and then they break. Straight right down the pipe for Lime, snaps Mann’s head back. Mann looks befuddled by Lima’s speed. Low kick by Mann, lands without a check. Stiff jab by Mann lands well. A lot of fainting going on by these gentlemen. Lima catches a body kick by Mann and they momentarily clinch. Stiff jab by Lima followed by a missed right hand by both men. Leaping knee by Mann and Lima took it well as they clinch. Body lock by Lima against the fence looking for the inside trip as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Mann 19-19

Round 3. Straight right for Lima lands flush. Mann leaps in with a right but it’s blocked by Lima. Mann looks a little flat footed, perhaps it’s the weight cut. Mann again leaps in and misses and they enter a clinch. Lima now threatening with a one-arm guillotine and Mann is blocking it well. Lima might get rolled over if he doesn’t let the choke go. He elects to let it go and stays in Manns half guard. Mann looks a bit tired as Lima is trying to pass. Lima keeps working from on top as Mann tries to sweep from a deep half. Lima going for the d’arce but Mann is blocking it. Mann sits up and Lima almost gets Manns back. Mann stands up while Lima stays on his back and Mann jumps in for strikes and falls right into Lima’s triangle choke but Mann is so tired, he’s not moving much. Mann is blocking the triangle but he’s way tired as Lima plays to the crowd. The bell rings.

Fightline gives the round and the fight to Lima 29-28

Official Results: Lima def. Mann by unanimous decision (30-27×3)