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Bellator 94 Full Event Results

Welcome back to Fightline’s live coverage of BellatorMMA. This is Miggs calling tonight’s action. You can follow me on twitter at @miggs_a_barr and on Instagram @MIGGS84

This week we have Bellator 94, coming to us live from the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL, where for the second week in a row we have a lightweight tournament final. Also on tap will be the light heavyweight tournament final which will serve as co-main event in what is Bellators penultimate event of season eight. Toss in two feature bouts covering two weight classes and we have another Thursday night of solid fights.

The preliminary bouts will air on and at 7:30 pm EST and the main card will be broadcasted SpikeTV starting at 9:30 pm EST.

Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard. Get ready for the toughest tournament in sports!!

Main Card

Main Event
Light Heavyweight Tournament Final(205lbs)
Emanuel Newton vs. Mikhail Zayats:
Round 1. Main event time ya’ll. They look very even on the feet so far. Newton catches a kick by Zayats and lands a nice right hand. Newton attacks and eats a right hand for his troubles. Wow, they’re swinging for the fences. Quick exchange but nothing landed cleanly. Zayats meets Newton with another right hand as Newton engaged. They exchange again and it seems as if they’re still very even. After landing a right, newton takes Zayats down and stays on top. Short hammer fists by Newton while Zayats pivots for an arm. Zayats uses the cage to get back to his feet and now he gets a body on Newton. Newton gets the TD but they scrambling nicely on the ground. Newton is trying to keep Zayats down while Zayats wall walks. Zayats is giving up his back and Newton is thinking about going for that choke. Newton is basically riding the clock, staying on Zayats’ back as the bell rings. Tough round to score.

Fightline gives round 1 to Newton. 10-9

Round 2. Newton counters Zayats right hand but the punch comes up short. Zayats’ turns up the heat and attacks newton but Newton defends well. Newton isn’t attacking as much as he did against King Mo, he’s countering more than anything. Spinning back kick totally missed by Newton. Over hand right followed by a left hook from Zayats that barely missed. Zayats is attacking first then popping away asap, before Newton can counter. Nice uppercut left hook by Zayats, lands well. Newton engages for a clinch but Zayats backs away. This round is looking like Zayats’. Spinning back fist by Zayats that just missed. It appears as if these guys are fighting right outside their own range. Clean 1-2 lands for Zayats. Zayats attacks once more, not landing much but just as i say that, Zayats lands a stiff right hand that looks as if cut Newton open. Zayats gets the TD right before the round ended.

Fightline give round 2 to Zayats. 19-19

Round 3. They tap and they go. Zayats attacks again and they engage in a clinch. Newton pushes Zayats to the cage but it doesn’t appear as if he’s going for the TD. Double underhooks achieved by Newton but Zayats escapes. Stiff left jab by Zayats. 1-2 lands cleanly by Newton drops Zayats, newton attacks and catches Zayats in a bulldog choke but with Zayats experience, he escapes it well. Newton attacks but eats a right hand, but not without throwing a spinning back fist. Zayats shoot in on a double, gets the TD but cannot hold Newton down. Zayats with a mouse underneath his left eye and Newton with blood coming out of his left eyebrow. Now Newton shoots for the single and gets it. Zayats threatens with an armabar but Newton escapes. Newton leaps in one more time before the bell sounds.

Fightline gives round 3 to Newton. 29-28

Official Results: Newton def. Zayats by unanimous decision(29-28×3)

Lightweight Tournament Final(155lbs)
Saad Awad vs. David Rickels
Round 1. Low kick by Rickels, barely missed. Quick slip by Awad but he popped up immediately. Awad catches a kick by Rickels and Awad lands some nice shots. they exchange again but this time Rickels gets the better of it. Awad is staying very patient, keeping the center of the cage. Rickels attacks but nothing, he retracts. Awad catches the kick again and gets the clinch. He circles away and takes Rickels down. Awad on top in Rickels open guard. Awad staying busy on top, landing some decent hammer fists. Rickels wrestles to get back to his feet with Awad on his back against the fence. Awad landing clean knees the thighs of Rickels. Awad again takes Rickels down. Ax kick by Awad lands on Rickels body and jumps back in to Rickels guard. Awad tries to pass and gets to half guard and threatens with a guillotine but nothing behind it as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Awad. 10-9

Round 2. Awad again take the center of the cage. They engage and Awad lands some nice punches, followed by a slam takedown by Awad. He’s in Rickels half guard, Rickels moves to full guard. Awad basically beating Rickels at his own game. Just as i say that, Rickels pops back up, gets a body lock and takes Awad down. As Rickels was in Awad’s half guard, Awad bridges nicely and regains top position. Rickels threatened with a side choke but Awad was all but out already. Rickels going for an omoplata but Awad defends it easily. Awad stands and lands a quick punch. Just as Rickels pivoted for the arm, Awad pulls out. This fight reminds me of Fitch/Maia, Rickels getting “out-Rickelsed”. Awad pushes Rickels to the fence and lands an elbow. Rickels pops to his feet and is exchanging on the feet and it appeared as if Rickels got in the cleaner shots. They keep exchanging as the bell sounds. Aawww shit, controversy. As they exchanged at the end of that round, Awad was badly hurt and drops belly first to the canvas right as the bell rang. He rolled over to his back and stayed there because the round had ended but the ref called an end to the bout. I assume the ref was thinking Awad was out. Rickels began to celebrate and the decision is up next. Stand by.

Official Results: Rickels def. Awad by TKO at 5:00 of round 2.

Welterweight Feature Bout(170lbs)
Trey Houston vs. Luis Melo
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and they’re off. Straight right by Houston barely misses. They clinch with Houston pressing. Melo lands stiff knees in the clinch but Houston pulls away. They clinch again and this time Houston gets a body lock and a TD but they pop back up. Melo lands a nasty low left kick lands and Houston’s groin and he drops in pain. Houston seems to be ok. Holy hell that was a nasty low blow. These guys are going back to work, Houston throws a low kick that is caught by Melo and Melo gets the TD. He postures and lands some right hands and passes to side mount. Houston is looking a bit overwhelmed, or it could be that low kick is still hurting. Nice ground work from Houston as he gets full guard. Melo stands and lands a big right hand cutting Houston open. Houston gets back up and pushes Melo to the fence. The bridge of Houston’s nose looks red and lumpy. None the less Houston is pressing the action pushes Melo again. From a body lock, Houston attempts a throw but fails and Melo lands on top of him. Open guard for Houston as Melo lands a few punches before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Melo 10-9.

Round 2. They pick up where they left off in round 1. They’re exchanging heavy punches. A wide right by Houston drops Melo and Houston gets Melos back and goes for the choke. It looks deep but Melo escapes nicely as Houston did not have his hooks in. Another heavy exchange on the feet, Melo getting the better of it and gets the TD. Melo on top doing some nice damage from inside of Houston’s open guard. Melo passes nicely and is threatening with a north-south choke but Houston turns over and goes from front head lock to half guard. Melo is throwing consistently but none are big shots. Just constant punches. Melo switches from elbows to punches. Houston turns over and turtles up while Melo takes his back and gets to his feet momentarily. Back to the turtle position with Melo on Houston’s back as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Melo 20-18.

Round 3. They shake hands before the final round. Melo landing some nice straight shots. Houston is taking them well. Melo shoots for a double and gets it without much defense from Houston. Melo looks to the ref as if to say stop this fight already but the ref blows him off. Melo moves in for an arm triangle, passes Houston’s guard and sinks it in deeper. Houston is all but tapping before the choke gets deeper. The ref jumps in to stop the fight as Houston taps.

Official Results: Melo def. Houston by submission (arm triangle) at 1:09 of round 3.

Bantamweight Feature Bout(135 lbs)
Rodrigo Lima vs. Ronnie Mann
Round 1. Tap of the gloves and they’re off. Mann looks ripped at 135lbs. They exchange low kicks, both land. Lime lands a left hook after a 1-2 combo. Overhand right by Mann lands as Lima throws a low kick, throws him off balance some. Now Mann eats a right hand as he throws a low kick. Leaping in left hook right hand for Lima. Manns stand up looks way cleaner. Lima is not afraid to throw though, landing his right hand on occasion. Lima lands a clean left hook that drops Mann but he’s recovered nicely. Mann is slowing down, trying to recover even more I see. Someones mouth piece went flying but I can’t figure out who’s. Ok it was Lima’s. Mann landed a clean right hand that sent it to the ground. Lima actually looks quicker than Mann. Tough round to score, Lima scores a flash knockdown.

Fightline gives round 1 to Lima 10-9

Round 2. Mann taking the center of the cage while Lima circles. Lima lands that left hook again but this time Mann takes it well. Lima is going to the well too many times. Lima catches a kick and lands a right hand. They clinch and then they break. Straight right down the pipe for Lime, snaps Mann’s head back. Mann looks befuddled by Lima’s speed. Low kick by Mann, lands without a check. Stiff jab by Mann lands well. A lot of fainting going on by these gentlemen. Lima catches a body kick by Mann and they momentarily clinch. Stiff jab by Lima followed by a missed right hand by both men. Leaping knee by Mann and Lima took it well as they clinch. Body lock by Lima against the fence looking for the inside trip as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Mann 19-19

Round 3. Straight right for Lima lands flush. Mann leaps in with a right but it’s blocked by Lima. Mann looks a little flat footed, perhaps it’s the weight cut. Mann again leaps in and misses and they enter a clinch. Lima now threatening with a one-arm guillotine and Mann is blocking it well. Lima might get rolled over if he doesn’t let the choke go. He elects to let it go and stays in Manns half guard. Mann looks a bit tired as Lima is trying to pass. Lima keeps working from on top as Mann tries to sweep from a deep half. Lima going for the d’arce but Mann is blocking it. Mann sits up and Lima almost gets Manns back. Mann stands up while Lima stays on his back and Mann jumps in for strikes and falls right into Lima’s triangle choke but Mann is so tired, he’s not moving much. Mann is blocking the triangle but he’s way tired as Lima plays to the crowd. The bell rings.

Fightline gives the round and the fight to Lima 29-28

Official Results: Lima def. Mann by unanimous decision (30-27×3)

Preliminary Card

Featherweight Bout(145lbs)
Ronnie Rogers vs. Joe Taimanglo
Round 1. A few lock kick by Taimanglo and Roger gets the TD with a slam and Taimanglo goes for the armbar immediately. They’re back up with Taimanglo pushing Rogers against the fence. Rogers has his back against his fence and Taimanglo is not letting him off. The ref breaks they up. Rogers lands a hard low kick and drops Taimanglo but Taimanglo stans back up to shoot in on a double. Taimanglo lifts Rogers up and returns the favor with a slam of his own and lands in side mount. He then moves to a crucifix and is landing some right hands on Rogers. A few hard elbows land, Taimanglo switches from punches to elbows, still in the crucifix position. Taimanglo goes for the mount and Rogers bridges nicely and back to the feet the go. Taimanglo presses and Rogers shoots but the bell rings right as Taimanglo takes rogers back.

Fightline gives round 1 to Taimanglo 10-9

Round 2. They meet in the center and Taimanglo throws some rights that miss. Taimanglo lunges in and basically head butts Rogers and gets another slam TD. Taimanglo moves quickly to north south position and sinks in the choke. It looks deep and Rogers taps. Very smooth transition by Taimanglo

Official Results: Taimanglo def. Rogers by submission (north-south choke) at 0:33 of round 2.

Strawweight Bout(115lbs)
Heather Clark vs. Felice Herrig
Round 1. These women almost got into it at the weigh in, and their off. Clark immediately throws Herrig to the canvas and gains half guard. Herrig has had issues on the ground but they’ve improved. Clark landing some good body shots but Herrig is taking them well. Clark is looking to pass now but then goes back to landing body shots. Herrig is doing a decent job of keeping Clark in her half guard. Clark is looking for a kimura but again, she gives it up in favor of landing more shots. Clark landed some decent elbows and Herrig scarcely blinked. Herrig opens her half guard often but Clark seems content on staying in the half guard and there’s where to round ends.

Fightline gives round one to Clark 10-9.

Round 2. They meet in the center and they exchange some shots, Clark getting the better of it.Clark engages and lands some shots then breaks the clinch. Clark is landing when she wants to and breaks when Herrig is ready to counter, very tactical. To Herrig’s credit, she’s taking the shots well. Herrig flashes a few front kicks but none land. Herrig finally lands a nice right hand during and exchange. After a high kick by Clark, Herrig lunges in and pushes her to the fence. Quick break to replace a mouth piece I believe. Another clinch and Clark lands some knees, none stun Herrig though. Herrig again engages and lands an over hand right. OOhhh Clark lands a 1-2-1 and wobbles Herrig momentarily, then clinches and pushes her to the fence. Now Herrig turns her around before Clarks gets a head and arm takedown throw. Herrig pulls her head out and gets Clark’s back looking for the RNC. Clark is defending well. Herrig lands a few more punches but keeps the back position and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Clark 20-18

Round 3. They meet in the center again. Side kick by Clark lands flush on Herrig’s face but superficial at best. Push kick by Clark lands on Herrig, a bit more behind that one. They clinch and back to the ground they go with Herrig on top in Clark’s open guard. Herrig is trying to pass to her left side and gets half guard. Clark looking for the kimura from the bottom and Herrig defends it well. They scramble and Herrig steps over into mount. Clark immediately gives her back, Herrig maintains to position and gets Clark’s back. Herrig sinks in the body triangle while she goes to work throwing some right hands. The arm looks under the chin but Clark is doing a great job controlling Herrig’s other arm. Clark looks like she’s struggling some but with one arm, Herrig can only crank so much. Clark is holding on to that arm like no tomorrow, they roll over and it looks like Herrig got her other arm free. The ref is checking on Clark and she gives the ref the thumbs up. They roll again and Clark lands on top position right before the bell rings. And in an odd occurrence, Herrig screams in Clark’s face and Clark backhands her to get her out of her face, then Herrig throws a punch back at her, all this after the bell. The ref is there to keep these ladies in check.

Fightline gives round 3 to Herrig 10-9, Fightline has it for Clark.

Official Results: Herrig def. Clark by split decision 29-28×2, 28-29)

Strawweight Bout(115lbs)
Jessica Aguilar vs. Patricia Vidonic
Round 1. Much different attitude and demeanor in this bout, very respectful. nothing like the Clark/Herrig bout. Anyway, off they go. Aguilar is being praised for being the number 1 ranked womens 115er in the world. They meet in the middle and Vidonic engages but gets caught in a clinch while Aguilar lands some knees. Aguilar pushes her to the fence and gets the clean takedown. As Aguilar moves to half guard, Vidonic threatens with a guillotine. Aguilar pops her head up easily. Aguilar tries to pass but Vidonic gets full guard now. Aguilar is working, landing some rights while Vidonic keeps trying to break Aguilar’s posture. Vidonic keeps holding Aguilar’s arms like she’s going for the armbar but she has yet to go for it. With her free arm, Aguilar lands some shots. Vidonic’s is using a high guard and is doing a great job of stifling Aguilar’s top offence. Aguilar postures and stands up, Vidonic lands a up kick on the stomach and Aguilar jumps back into Vidonic’s guard right before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Aguilar 10-9

Round 2. They meet in the center at Aguilar is throwing some decent shots but Vidonic looks more aggressive that round 1. This bout is a rematch from last year and it’s looking somewhat similar. Aguilar is keeping Vidonic’s back against the fence on the feet. Vidonic lands a nice knee followed by and elbow. Aguilar is trying to get the single leg but Vidonic is doing a great job of stopping the TD. Vidonic turns Aguilar around and now has her against the fence. Vidonic gets the TD, very surprising. Aguilar is trying to scoot back up but Vidonic is keeping the pressure on her. Vidonic is pressing Aguilar’s head against the fence while holding her forearm against Aguilar’s throat. Aguilar is threatening with an armbar but Vidonic is stacking her very well and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Vidonic 19-19

Round 3. Again they get into a clinch and Aguilar is pressing Vidonic against the fence, still on the feet. Aguilar gets the TD and is passing immediately but Vidonic is holding on well. Aguilar is still trying to pass but Vidonic was up against the fence and the fence was keeping Aguilar in place.They keep turning clockwise and Vidonic’s head is up against the fence again, Aguilar is on her feet ready to posture but for some reason she’s not being very busy. Vidonic gets full guard and closes it. The ref is asking the ladies for a little more action. Vidonic is pivoting her hips nicely but just as she does, the ref stands them up. Vidonic is attacking but gets a few right hands for her troubles. They’re now against the fence with Vidonic pressing Aguilar against the fence. Vidonic is doing a great job of neutralizing Aguilars offence and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 and the fight to Vidonic 29-28.

Official Results: Aguilar def. Vidonic by split decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

Heavyweight Bout(265lbs)
Rob Horton vs. Augusto Sakai
Round 1. Time for the HW’s. Horton lunges in and pushes Sakai up against the fence, they trading knees in the clinch. Back to the center they go. Big right hand by Horton lands on Sakai and they both fall down. Horton lands on top and Sakai keeps moving. Horton momentarily has Sakais back but he’s too high and Sakai escapes from the back door and back ti the feet they go. Still in the clinch, Horton is sucking wind big time, but they’re both still throwing from inside the clinch. Sakai goes for the TD but Horton stuffs it easily. Still in the clinch, Sakai still pressing the action. And now my feed is buffering and it’s come to a stand still. Stand by. I’m refreshing my page, lets see if this works.

Round 2. Horton throws a few rights but Sakai gets the Thai clinch and is landing some nice knees. Sakai has Horton against the fence but then lets him go. Two low kicks by Sakai which Horton felt. They remain in the clinch and Sakai lands a low knee which the ref see’s and stops the fight for a second. Sakai walks away waiving his index finger saying no. None the less, the ref is giving Horton time. Time in. Low kick by Sakai, grazes. Sakai presses the action again and shoves Horton into the cage again, back to where they were before the low knee. One of those knees lands cleanly on Horton’s stomach and Horton reacts to it. Sakai attacks but back to clinch they go. High knees by Sakai, Horton taking all of them. Sakai is landing some clean low kicks, Horton isn’t checking any of them. One high knee to Horton’s face and he drops to his knees like sack of potatoes. A body shot right before the ref jumps in to call the fight off.

Official Results: Sakai def. Horton by TKO (knee) at 4:01 of round 2.

Lightweight Bout(155lbs)
James Edson Berto vs. Bruno Carvalho
Round 1. They touch gloves and they’re off. Low kick by Carvalho, answered by Berto. Carvalho throws a low kick and Berto answered with a nasty right hand that drops Carvalho while his mouth piece goes flying. Berto jumps in for the kill and Carvalho quickly goes for an armbar. Berto escapes and sits back for the heel hook and Carvalho taps!! Fast fight with a lot of action. Kinda hard to keep up but sweet fight.

Official Results: Berto def. Carvalho by submission (heel hook) at 1:27 of round 1.

Lightweight Bout(155lbs)
Patrick Cenoble vs. Tony Fryklund
Round 1. Wow, Fryklund is back, and at lightweight. Let’s see how his cardio is. They meet in the center with no glove touch. Cenoble is landing some nice shots, clean and crisp boxing. Fryklund lunges in and gets a clinch and pushes Cenoble to the fence. Cenoble is doing a great job at stopping the takedown. Frykland lands a few knees to Cenoble leg before breaking on their own. Cenoble is attacking, landing wide but hard uppercuts and hook. Cenoble is throwing combos, landing some body shots. Fryklund looks a bit slow and some redness around his eye. Fryklund bounces off the fence and gets clinches with Cenoble, swinging him down to the canvas. Frykland lands on top in Cenoble’s open guard. Fryklund stands and Cenoble turns over, giving his back. Cenoble immediately stands and gets Fryklund off his back. Back to the feet they and Fryklund in desperation gets another TD. Fryklund postures and lands a right before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Fryklund 10-9

Round 2. Fryklund lunges in with some combos. Frykland shoots in a slams Cenoble down but Cenoble grabs the fence and a point is taken from Cenoble’s points. They restart on the feet. Fryklund is getting worked on the feet but again he shoots in a gets the takedown, this time away from the fence. Fryklund goes for a key lock but Cenoble escapes and manages to get back on the feet. OOohh body shots by Cenoble landing cleanly. Fryklund literally stumbles over and gets the ankle pick TD. Cenoble’s TD defense is basically non-existent. As tired and hurt as Fryklund is, he still gets the TD. Cenoble is able to get back up but each time, Fryklund takes Cenoble down. Fryklund working from inside Cenoble’s closed guard. Fryklund going for a can opener but Cenoble defends it easily and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Fryklund 20-18

Round 3. They meet in the center again and after a few jabs, Fryklund lunges in for a shot but it’s defended. Fryklund’s left eye is looking red and it may be closing. Cenoble is loading up with his right hand and they’re landing cleanly, Fryklund drops to his knees, he looks hurt and is in big trouble. Fryklund stands back up but it’s not getting any better. Fryklund lunges in again and gets the TD. He passes the guard easily and gets his back as Cenoble turns over. Cenoble rolls to his back and Fryklund keeps side mount. Brief crucifix and Cenoble escapes it. They return to their feet and but again, Fryklund takes Cenoble downs. Fryklund is using his knee to secure one of Cenoble’s arms to land some rights. Cenoble basically powers his way back up but Fryklund lifts Cenoble in the air and slams him down. Cenoble has his head stuck against the fence while Fryklund lands some punches. Cenoble stands back up right before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 to Fryklund 30-26

Official Results: Due to the point deduction, the fight is ruled a draw. (29-27×2, 28-28)

Welterweight Bout(170lbs)
Kenny Moss vs. Julien Williams
Round 1. Off they go, they meet in the center. They exchange jobs from a distance. Neither jab lands. Williams attacks throwing hooks, i believe one lands and they clinch against the fence. Williams goes for the outside trips and gets the TD. Moss closes his guard against the fence. Williams is posturing and landing some decent shots but Moss is defending well. A few body shots. Moss seems to be going for something as he keeps grabbing his own foot. But as Williams tries to pass, Moss gives him the head and Williams gets a deep guillotine but Moss gives the ref a thumbs up showing he’s okay. Williams gives up on the guillotine only to go for it again and this time Moss taps.

Official Results: Williams def. Moss by submission (guillotine) at 3:19 of round 1.