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TUF’s Adam Cella On Uriah Hall “nobody Liked Him”

Ultimate Fighter season 17 middleweight Adam Cella joined MMA Fight Corner for the entire show on Wednesday afternoon and discussed everything from his knockout loss to Uriah Hall and his opinion of who Hall is, his upcoming UFC debut against fellow castmate Tor Troeng at UFC on FUEL TV 9, to what he thinks could happen in the upcoming co-ed season of TUF 18.

“I don’t know if can say this, but Uriah’s a dick. I’ll be the first to say, that Uriah, he was just a dick. Nobody liked him, even on his own team. I don’t know if they’ll show it, but those guys were telling us that nobody wanted to train with him, nobody wants to spar with him because he goes too hard. He doesn’t know how to train I think as far as in the show, I don’t know how he is back home,” Cella stated. “As far as him saying stuff to me, this and that, outside the gym, I don’t think he understands joking.”

“He was always by himself. He never really came out of his room. He’d be out in the backyard. He was always by himself because nobody wanted to be around him. He just said weird things which was kind of awkward. Which sucks because I kind of knew him from a kickboxing thing before.”

Though Cella said in that incident, Hall was “very confrontational” then also. Adam might be known for being knocked out by Hall in episode 3 of this season’s TUF and it’s not to say his opinion of Hall is out of spite for that or because they had heated moments during the season. Cella said the one thing you can deny about Hall is his ability.

“Here’s the thing is I don’t remember the fight. So when I got to see it and go back, I went straight forward,” Cella said. “Watching it back I was a little sloppy. Our game plan was to hit him with some weird angles and then when he started covering up, go straight punches. He might be a dick, but the dude’s a stud. I mean he’s an athlete. In the World Combat League I saw him kick people like that probably ten or fifteen times. He’s a tough dude.”

Next season, the TUF house will be infiltrated by 135 pound women and men for the first time ever. With his own experience on TUF 17, Cella also gave some predictions on what he could see happening in a co-ed season.

“I believe that there will be some fornication going down,” Cella joked. “I think women coming into the house with men, I think it’s going to take some of the seriousness of the show away. It could turn it into a circus. It just depends on how serious the contestants take it.”

“I don’t want to say that it’s going to be a joke, but I’m afraid it’s going to turn into the Real World or something like that.”

Cella and Troeng have a unique opportunity being the first two men from a TUF season to have a fight booked while their season is still airing. As for Troeng, Cella will be looking for the upset in Troeng’s native Sweden.

“Yeah, I can’t remember anybody ever going fighting before the finale because usually they don’t announce the fights until the show’s over. I guess they just waited until the wild card was picked and everything like that. There’s a couple good things, a couple bad things. The good thing is I get a free trip to Sweden,” Cella said. “The bad thing though is I have to go into Tor’s backyard, so that’s going to be kind of interesting. But I’ve been the underdog before, it’s no big deal.”