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Nick Diaz, Urijah Faber, Amateur MMA: The Morning News Roundup – 3.28.13

Well, it looks like either this Nick Diaz vs. Quebec athletic commission thing has legs, or it’s a slow news week – or both. In case you missed it, Diaz’s camp has got beef with the commission who oversaw his UFC 158 bout against Georges St. Pierre. Normally, this sort of post-fight aggro would amount to nothing, but the Regie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux (which is French for dudes who collect urine samples) has been somewhat shady in their responses to the allegations. So here we are, with an athletic commission appearing not entirely on the up and up. Will this get Diaz an instant rematch with GSP? Probably not. But mud has been slung, and now some people look dirty. Here’s your news:

• The Diaz story, as per The Diaz story, as per ESPN. The Diaz story, as per MMAPayout. The Diaz story, as per MMAFighting.

• Erstwhile UFC bantamweight top dog Dominick Cruz has been out forever with a bum knee, and there’s no timetable on his return. But top contender Urijah Faber doesn’t think Cruz should be stripped of his belt.

• While you were sitting on your couch watching UFCs and Bellators, there were countless amateur events going on throughout the country. Here’s a story about one from this past weekend in New York City. But wait, what’s this? Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission Executive Director Greg Sirb says the amateur MMA scene is a mess. Well, it is. It’s still fun, though.

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