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Fallon Fox’s Next Opponent Declines Fight

Peggy Morgan is slated to face transgender fighter Fallon Fox in the semifinals of CFA’s featherweight tournament to crown a women’s champion. The problem is that Morgan has declined the fight citing unfair physical advantages.

She issued the following statement on her management team’s website:

“I understand why people are advocating for Fallon and I appreciate that it is important to protect her rights, but I think it should be just as important to protect the safety of the other women in the tournament,” she wrote. “Until I am presented with conclusive evidence that a fight with Fallon would, in fact, be fair, I will not be entering the cage with her.”

Morgan claimed that Fox lied in her paperwork to the commission by not disclosing she was once a man.

Since 2006, Fox has undergone gender reassignment.

In the quarterfinals of CFA’s tournament, Morgan took a decision and Fox a 39 second knockout.

Earlier in the week, CFA Promoter Jorge de la Noval confirmed the tournament would resume with Morgan vs. Fox. He announced that fight for CFA 11, which is May 24 from the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, FL.