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Marc Ratner, Ronda Rousey, Bellator: The Morning News Roundup – 3.22.13

The Nevada State Athletic Commission met yesterday, as they’re oft to do, to mull over their policies in regards to performance-enhancing drugs and how best to screen for them. And while that in and of itself might be newsworthy – what with PEDs and TRT and elevated testosterone levels an ever-present specter that seems to be coloring the careers of so many fighters of late – what was truly notable about the meeting was UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner going on record with his belief that the commission needs to review its stance on marijuana. Obviously, the fact that marijuana is considered to be in the same league as steroids is enough to leave many scratching their heads. But when you factor in how the regulated use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is gaining acceptance throughout the country, well, that NVSAC policy just starts to get crazy. Anyway, Ratner took a stand. And here’s your news:

• Here’s MMAJunkie with the Ratner story. The days of “reefer madness” and stigma are fading. Marijuana – it’s what’s for dinner.

• The Rebellion Media team took on the whole “Ronda Rousey coaching TUF/men and women in the TUF House” issue. Here are their not-so-PG-rated opinions.

• Bellator continues on their hot streak of badass shows, with last night’s installment featuring more violence per square inch than a real-life game of Robotron 2084. In case you missed it, here’s UK rising star Michael Page scoring a ten-second knockout.

• FiveOuncesofPain literary kingpin Brendhan Conlan interviewed UK fighter/promoter Harry Shoebridge. Here’s the link.