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Bellator 93 Fight Results: Travis Wiuff Vs. Ryan Martinez

Heavyweight (265lbs) Ryan Martinez vs. Travis Wiuff
Round 1. So after a long ass break and two prelim fillers, we get a live fight. Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Wiuff circles to his left and gets caught with an overhand left, followed by a right and another left, Wiuff drops to his ass and Martinez finishes him off against the fences. Wiuff is still sitting up against the fence. Those are some heavy hands! What in the hell is going on tonight? Bellator is experiencing deja vu with another night of finishes. Either these are a bunch of squash matches or these are some bad dudes!! I believe the latter.

Official Result: Ryan Martinez def. Travis Wiuff by KO at 0:18 of round 1.