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Bellator 93 Fight Results: Marcus Davis Vs Wachiim Spiritwolf

Welterweight (170lbs) Marcus Davis vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf
Round 1. Nice highlights shown for both fighters, even MFC footage for Davis, interesting fact I might add. The meet in the center very cautiously. Davis throws a left high kick which misses. Spiritwolf being patient, which is rare. Davis adds a bit more pressure and Spiritwolf almost has his back against the fence. Low kick by Spiritwolf, lands cleanly. Spiritwolf falling for just about every Davis faint. inside leg kick lands for Davis followed by a high kick that grazed Spiritwolf. Spiritwolf lunges in and pushes Davis against the fence and gets caught in a standing guillotine be escapes. Or more like Davis let’s it go. Spiritwolf throws a low kick and Davis comes over the top with a straight left. Spiritwolf is complaining of a low blow when they fall to canvas. Replays show that Davis landed a knee to the groin. The ref is giving Spiritwolf the manditory 5 minutes. Spiritwolf looks like he’s in agony, didn’t seem like a hard knee but I supposed a shot to the pills is a shot to the pills none the less. The crowd is beginning to chant “bullshit!, bullshit!”. Didn’t realize Maine had WWE fans. After the five minutes expired, the ref calls off the fight. Not the first time a fight with Spiritwolf ends under strange circumstances. Commercial break and Wheelock states we’ll find out what the final verdict will be.

Official Results: No Contest due to accidental low blow by Davis.