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Bellator 93 Full Event Results

Welcome back to Fightline’s live coverage of BellatorMMA. This week we have Bellator93 coming to us live from Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, ME.

The preliminary bouts will air on immediately prior to the main card and the main card itself will be broadcasted live on SpikeTV at 10pm EST.

Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard. Get ready for the toughest tournament in sports!!

Main Card:

Season Seven Lightweight Championship
(155lbs) Marcin Held vs. Dave Jansen
Round 1. After another prelim filler and a shit load of stalling, we finally get to the main event. They meet in the center and they’re off. Low kick by Jansen, not checked by Held. A quick exchange that looked like Jansen got the better of it. They clinch and Held lands some stiff uppercuts, forcing Jansen into the cage on the feet. Held drops for a double and Jansen threatens with a guillotine but Held pops his head out. They exchange knees the each others thighs. Another low kick by Jansen, again not checked by Held. 1-2-3 exchange and Jansen connects cleaner. They keep exchanging on the feet and now it’s beginning to look as if Held is getting the better of it. Again, Held pushes Jansen to the fence and lands some more uppercuts. Jansen takes the center of the cage and they continue to circle. Straight right by both and both landed, landing in a clinch against the fence. High knee from held that didn’t reach it’s target. Big lunging uppercut by Jansen to close the round. Held has these odd looking pads on his knees, sort of like those therapeutic tape strips.

Fightline gives round 1 to Held.

Round 2. Held shoots and gets the TD and immediately passes Jansen’s guard.Jansen works to get his guard back and does so. Jansen is already looking to get back to his feet while simultaneously searching for a guillotine. He sweeps Held and get’s front headlock position and threatens with a d’arce choke.Held pulls guard and goes for a heel hook, Jansen is defending well. They’re rolling over and Jansen throws some nice right hands. Held switching to a toe hold. A few hard shots by Jansen but Held is like a pit bull with that leg, he’s not letting go. They scramble and Jansen lands in full mount. Held is not panicking, he’s holing on and breaking Jansen’s posture. Held rolls over, almost gives up his back but gets full guard again. Now another leg lock by Held, he rolls again and threatens with a knee bar. Jansen is defending it very well.Held is looking a bit tire, Jansen lands some heavy shots from on top and from inside Held’s half guard. Another elbow, you can hear Held’s head on the canvas. Jansen gives Held a little room and Held again goes for the heel hook but Jansen defends. Jansen stands up and lands a few shots to Held’s stomach before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Jansen.

Round 3. Held looks spent and is back peddling, Jansen lands an uppercut then a left hook. Front kick by Jansen glances off Held’s chest. Jansen has more bounce to his step. Jansen is throwing lead uppercuts. Low kick by Jansen and he pays for it as Held leaps in for a double and gets it. Jansen scrambles to get back to his feet and up they go. Right hand by Jansen misses, Held shoots underneath it in a very sloppy double. Jansen stays on top and landing elbows on Held’s ribs. Held goes for an armbar then switches to an omoplata then uses the position to go to the toe hold. They keep rolling and Held snatches an inverted heel hook but it looks loose. They roll over again and held stays on his back. Jansen stands to land a few stiff shots to Held’s stomach. Held is looking for a triange, then another omoplata before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 and the victory to Janses (29-28)

Official Result: Dave Jansen def. Marcin Held by unanimous decision (29-28×3)

Heavyweight (265lbs) Ryan Martinez vs. Travis Wiuff
Round 1. So after a long ass break and two prelim fillers, we get a live fight. Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Wiuff circles to his left and gets caught with an overhand left, followed by a right and another left, Wiuff drops to his ass and Martinez finishes him off against the fences. Wiuff is still sitting up against the fence. Those are some heavy hands! What in the hell is going on tonight? Bellator is experiencing deja vu with another night of finishes. Either these are a bunch of squash matches or these are some bad dudes!! I believe the latter.

Official Result: Ryan Martinez def. Travis Wiuff by KO at 0:18 of round 1.

Welterweight (170lbs) Marcus Davis vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf
Round 1. Nice highlights shown for both fighters, even MFC footage for Davis, interesting fact I might add. The meet in the center very cautiously. Davis throws a left high kick which misses. Spiritwolf being patient, which is rare. Davis adds a bit more pressure and Spiritwolf almost has his back against the fence. Low kick by Spiritwolf, lands cleanly. Spiritwolf falling for just about every Davis faint. inside leg kick lands for Davis followed by a high kick that grazed Spiritwolf. Spiritwolf lunges in and pushes Davis against the fence and gets caught in a standing guillotine be escapes. Or more like Davis let’s it go. Spiritwolf throws a low kick and Davis comes over the top with a straight left. Spiritwolf is complaining of a low blow when they fall to canvas. Replays show that Davis landed a knee to the groin. The ref is giving Spiritwolf the manditory 5 minutes. Spiritwolf looks like he’s in agony, didn’t seem like a hard knee but I supposed a shot to the pills is a shot to the pills none the less. The crowd is beginning to chant “bullshit!, bullshit!”. Didn’t realize Maine had WWE fans. After the five minutes expired, the ref calls off the fight. Not the first time a fight with Spiritwolf ends under strange circumstances. Commercial break and Wheelock states we’ll find out what the final verdict will be.

Official Results: No Contest due to accidental low blow by Davis.

Preliminary Bouts:

Featherweight(145lbs) Vince Murdock vs. John Raio
Round 1. The fight goes to ground early, Murdock is explosive. Gets a clean 1-2 and Raio shoots in bet eats a knee in the process and is now in bottom position with Murdocks knee on his belly. Murdock moves to side mount. They circle and Murdock stands to take a quick breather while Raio stays on his back. The ref stands them back up. Now Raio barges in throwing heavy leather, nothing landed. Spinning back kick by Murdock, barely misses. Murdock goes for the spinning kick again and again it misses.

Fightline gives round 1 to Murdock.

Round 2. Raio comes rushing in, Murdock takes it and basically pushes Raio back. Murdock is controlling the center of the cage as Raio circles around him. Not much action this round, it appears as they’re both taking a bit of a breather. Murdock lunges in and lands nothing. Riao is taking a whopping but he’s swinging back. Murdock shoots on a double and takes Riaos down easily. Murdock is in Raios half guard and bloodied Riao a bit. The cut looks back, the ref stops the action for the doctor to take a look at the cut. It’s bleeding a lot but it’s not in a bad spot. Replays show it was a nasty elbow by Murdock. Both of these fighters have rudimentary stand up but Murdock has the heavier hands. Riaos throws a front kick that Murdock catches and back to the ground they go. The ref steps in and they stand back up. Another spinning back kick by Murdock lands perfectly, mainly because Raios ducked right into it and the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Murdock.

Round 3. Raios forgets his mouth piece and we’re back to action. Raio’s eye looks swollen and he’s having some trouble keeping it open. Murdock barges in throwing some decent shots and re-opens the cut on Raios forehead. Murdock lunges and nothing lands. The blood is dripping down Raio’s face. Murdock agains lunges and and Raio’s ducks and covers everything. Another spinning back kick misses. Raio’s throws a mini kick and basically lets Murdock catch the kick so they can go to the ground. Murdock is on top in Raio’s half guard. A few elbows forces Raio to turn over and cover up, the ref jumps in to stop the bout.

Official Result: Vince Murdock def. John Riao by TKO at 4:01 of round 3

Welterweight(170lbs) Michael Page vs. Ryan Sanders
Round 1. Looking forward to this fight all week. Michael Page could be Bellator’s next breakout star. Let’s see how he does tonight. They tap gloves and they’re off. Sanders lunges in and Page back peddles but Sanders keeps pressing and get’s tagged with a stiff yet glancing right hand. Sanders goes stiff for a quick seconds, drops and covers up, the ref jumps in immediately. It looked like a “phantom punch”, much pun intended, but then the camera pans out to Sanders and his nose is gushing blood. Holy crap.

Official Result: Michael Page def. Ryan Sanders by KO at 0:10 of round 1.

Light Heavyweight(205) Brett Dillingham vs. Mike Mucitelli
Round 1. Uh oh, Dillingham is making his pro debut. Tap of the gloves and they’re off. A quick exchange and Dillingham goes for a clinch up against the fence. Mucitelli is doing a good job of stoping Dillinghams takedowns. They continue to pummel in the center, the move to the center and Dillingham falls from punches and gives his back. Mucitelli get’s the mount and is pounding Dillingham, the ref is looking closely. Wow, Mucitelli is landing some huge elbow, Dillingham is tough. Blood is gushing out of Dillinghams forehead. Mucitelli goes for an armbar and Dillingham is defending well. And just as I say that, Dillingham taps. A little risky by Mucitelli, didn’t need to lose position to for the the armbar but he got it.

Official Result: Mike Mucitelli def. Brett Dillingham by submission (armbar) at 2:48 of round 1.

Middleweight(185lbs) Pierr Pierre vs. Joe Pacheco
Round 1. They meet in the center and off they go. Pacheco charges and gets a clinch and a take down. Pierre didn’t even attempt to stop it. Pacheco in Pierre’s guard. Pacheco turns Pierre away from the fence. Body shots by Pacheco. Pacheco hooks Pierre’s leg and passes the guard easily. Pacheco is looking for the key lock and Pierre taps. Pierre’s ground game looked white belt-ish. Easy win for Pachec.

Official Result: Joe Pacheco defeats Pierry Pierre by submission (key lock) at 1:54 of round 1.

Middleweight(185) Jason Butcher vs. Jack Hermansson
Round 1.These guys look evenly matches, time to get crackin’. Hermansson takes the center of the cage, Butcher goes for a clinch then goes flying as Hermansson spins him around and lands on top. Butcher goes immediately for a triangle and it looks tight. Hermansson is standing up, trying to stop the choke and it looks like he’s hold on. Butcher keeps improving his position and getting the angle well but Hermansson is defending it well. It’s hella tight and you can see Hermansson’s face turn red but he’s somehow holding on. Butcher switches to an armbar but then goes back to the triangle. Wow, Hermansson finally taps. He held on for as long as he could, I thought Butcher was getting tired but no sir.

Official Result: Jason Butcher def. Jack Hermansson by submission (triangle choke) at 2:24 of round 1.

Middleweight(185) Jesse Peterson vs. Dave Vitkay
Round 1. They meet in the center no tap of the gloves and we’re off. Vitkay attacks with a few kicks and a knee, Peterson rolls back and and as he gets up Vitkay chases him and leaps in w/ a flying knee, Peterson get’s caught in a one arm in guillotine and goes to sleep!!! Damn these fights, no judges needed. Wow! Another night of finishes for Bellator.

Official Result: Dave Vitkay def. Jesse Peterson by submission (guillotine) at 0:18 of round 1.

Lightweight(155lbs) Jesse Erickson vs. Jon Lemke
Round 1. Jon Lemke defeated Jesse Erickson by TKO at 2:50 of round 1.
Sorry guys, I didn’t realize the card would start earlier.