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Junior Dos Santos Says Alistair Is “a Joke”, Thinks He’s Faster And More Complete Than Hunt

It’s no secret that Junior dos Santos was amped up to take on Alistair Overeem since their first fight dissolved when Overeem tested positive in a pre-fight drug test for elevated levels of testosterone. This time fate stepped in again, a quadriceps injury forced Alistair to withdraw from the bout. But dos Santos said it hasn’t been disappointing for him in any way to take on former K-1 champ Mark Hunt instead.

“No, I’m not frustrated to be facing this guy. Alistair Overeem is…I have nothing to say about this guy. He pulled out one more time for the fight, so I have nothing to say about him. What I care now is about Mark Hunt. Mark Hunt is a really tough fighter, he hits very hard, so I have to take care of that. I think it’s going to be a good fight for the fans. I’m getting prepared in Brazil and I think I’m going to be a hundred percent on the day of the fight.”

“I think this guy, like I said, I don’t have too much to say about [Overeem] because he’s a joke. He says a lot of trash things and he’s a disrespectful guy. And I think their last fight, Bigfoot Silva, my friend Bigfoot Silva, put him in his place.”

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva was also sitting in on the interview and said Alistair was all bark and no bite ahead of their scrap at UFC 156.

“He love media. He love media. He love to talk trash. Win the fight inside the cage, not outside the cage. He don’t win the fight with talk. He’s a trash guy.”

With a title shot possibly wagering into the upcoming fight against Mark Hunt, Junior’s is ready to rebound into the win column.

“He’s got a lot of power in his punches and I think it’s going to be pretty tough for me. I think I’m faster than him and I’m more complete than him, I think so,” dos Santos said of the upcoming fight. “I learned a lot of things in my last fight and during my career and I know it’s MMA and you have to be ready to fight anywhere. So, that’s how I will be for my next fight. I’ll be ready to fight anywhere and if I feel weird fighting standing with him, I’m going to take him down.”

But what if both Silva and dos Santos win and they have to face each other? Both men said they’ve already talked about it and have no issues about fighting each other under certain circumstances.

“We already spoke about that and it’s going to be tough because he’s my good friend and we’re part of the same team, but we’re going to fight for the title, we’re gonna fight – without a title, no,” JDS stated.

“We are professional,” Bigfoot said. “Just different because we’re going to fight with small gloves. We train with big gloves and shin guards, now it’s small gloves, that’s normal. If the fans want to see the guys who train together to fight, that’s ok. For the title, that’s ok, no problem. After the fight, we’re going to stay together and go to the nightclubs.”

“We’re going to celebrate together after the fight. It’s going to be like a sparring session with small gloves,” said Junior. “”It doesn’t matter the result, we’re still going to celebrate together after.”

But for now, JDS is content to let his friend shine in the spotlight and have his chance at taking the gold strap away from Velasquez.

“I loved to be champion. I was champion. I like to be champion. For sure that’s my objective. I want to be champion again and I will do my best to get that. But I think now, for this time, my friend Bigfoot Silva is going to beat Cain Velasquez and he’s going to become champion.”