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Joe Rogan Has Choice Words For Fallon Fox

Joe Rogan is never one to shed away from giving his opinion. When the name Fallon Fox was mentioned, he thinks that she shouldn’t be allowed to compete against females. Fox was named earlier in the month as a transgender fighter.

“You can’t fight women,” said Rogan on his podcast. “That’s f–king crazy. I don’t know why she thinks that she’s going to be able to do that. I don’t care if you don’t have a d— anymore. You’re a f–king man”

The UFC play-by-play commentator said that the bone structure is still there despite hormone replacement therapy. He continued that the hands are larger on males and the same goes for joints.

Fox’s next opponent Allanna Jones said she doesn’t want the fight. They are currently in the semifinals of CFA’s tournament to crown their first female champion. The tournament is on hold as the issues with Fox are being worked on.