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MMA In South Dakota Gets Governor Dennis Daugaard’s Signature

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard will sign into law a bill to regulate combat sports in the state, reports the Argus Leader. He had expressed his displeasure towards MMA leading up until today.

“One thing I’ve learned about this cagefighting, it’s going on now, and it’s going on in an unregulated fashion,” said Daugaard. “I know some of the proponents of this bill made the argument that regulating it would create more safety than exists today, and I have to agree that’s true.”

The previous governor voted for a similar law in 2009, but he didn’t create an athletic commission and it expired this past July.

$95,000 has been set-aside to start the new commission.

The South Dakota Athletic Commission will be created when the law goes into effect on July 1. Daugaard plans to staff the commission.