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Nick Diaz On Being The Villain: That’s What The UFC Is Making Me Out To Be

Nick Diaz apologized countless times for missing Wednesday’s open media workouts for UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz. The former Strikeforce champion, though, did not apologize for stating his opinion during Thursday’s pre-fight press conference.

Whether he was upset about getting into Montreal late, having to play the villain role to Georges St-Pierre’s hero card, or the picture of himself on the poster, Diaz was the star of the event.

“To be honest, a lot of times, they are pretty much making me out to be the evil villain,” Diaz said. “Georges fits the description of the good guy. Look at my poster. You guys had plenty of time to switch posters. That picture is from years ago. Can I get a buttered up, photoshop picture like in a magazine?

“I’ve had plenty of ugly posters. Could you not do better than that. I’m not worried about it. I hate to play the victim card, but I like to think it’s not always my fault I come off the way I do.”

Diaz proceeded to go into a long-winded story about St-Pierre’s much-talked about past in which he was bullied as a child. GSP has credited the bullying with pushing him into martial arts and eventually becoming the UFC champion.

“Sure, yeah, they like to make me look like the bad guy. Georges like to say I remind him of bullies that picked on him,” Diaz said, before turning to GSP and asking, “How many times have you had a gun to your head Georges? How many of your best friends have been shot through the chest with a .45? How many have been stomped on and put to sleep? We all have to deal with these things in life. We have to deal with these things. It’s hard time for everybody.”

The two didn’t get very close during the staredown session after the press conference ended. They will come face-to-face one more time before Saturday, as they weigh-ins take place Friday afternoon.