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Georges St. Pierre, Nick Diaz, Dana White: The Morning News Roundup – 3.14.13

Finally some UFC 158 news we can sink our teeth into! Yesterday, in the frozen tundra of Montreal, fighters and media alike gathered for the fight week ritual known as “media workouts”, which is essentially a chance for grown men to take pictures of other scantily-clad, sweaty and out-of-breath grown men. But Nick Diaz is a homie who don’t play that, despite it being a contractual obligation for UFC fighters (not to mention those taking part in the main event), so while champ Georges St. Pierre et al. were jumping rope and hitting pads, Diaz was nowhere to be found. The result: drama! After all, what if Diaz no-shows the mandatory press conference scheduled for today? What if he flakes out on Saturday night? And what if, were he to become champ, he skips out on his obligations then? The questions swirl. Here’s your news!

• Here’s MMAFighting’s star player Ariel Helwani interviewing St. Pierre. Does St. Pierre seem perturbed to you?

• Diaz eventually surfaced, albeit via Twitter. His reason for ditching his duty? Exhaustion.

How short is Diaz’s leash? Sam Genovese of MMAConvert ponders that one.

• Here’s ESPN fight guru Chuck Mindenhall’s take on UFC 158 as a whole.

• Here’s MMAFighting’s Mike Chiappetta weighing in on the whole welterweight face-punching party UFC 158 promises to bring us.