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Fallon Fox Applies For California Fight License

Fallon Fox, the first openly transgendered MMA fighter, is about to receive her fight license to compete in California according to CSAC Executive Andy Foster though it is far from a guarantee.

“I suspect it is more of an ‘if’ rather than ‘when’ question at this point, but we will have to wait and see,” said Foster to Sherdog. “If everything is in order and the doctors recommend licensure, I will recommend licensure as well.”

The commission is waiting on recommendations from the state’s Medical Advisory Committee as Fox will likely need to provide proof that she had sufficient surgical procedures and medical therapies to be considered a female.

The entire process could take several weeks as Foster said it was difficult to get all the doctors in one room to discuss the license. Foster didn’t say for sure if Fox would be granted a license to fight in California.

“Should she be granted licensure in the state of California she will be treated the same as any other licensee,” said Foster.

Fox is undefeated in her career with one amateur win and two as a professional. No fight has seen the second round.