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Michael Bisping, Ben Askren, New York MMA: The Morning News Roundup – 3.13.13

Beef! When it comes to food, it makes for delicious steaks and succulent hamburgers. However, when it comes to beef of the Twitter variety, it makes what would normally be a mildly compelling UFC 159 bout between Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher into a sizzling plate of awesome. Yes, there’s a big UFC event this weekend featuring some welterweight champ and his mouthy antithesis, but who cares about that? Bellator champ Ben Askren took up Twitter arms against Bisping on behalf of his pal Belcher last night, and it was fun! Here are your headlines!

• BloodyElbow compiled all the Askren/Bisping back-and-forth in one place. How nice of them.

• Speaking of UFC 158 this weekend, John Makdessi is fighting on the card. Here’s with the exclusive interview.

• Two things happened yesterday in New York that are worth noting: the Assembly introduced their version of the bill that would repeal the ban and it had more support than ever before, and for the first time ever, Governor Andrew Cuomo (who’ll have to sign the Senate’s and Assembly’s bills to make them into one law) gave MMA some love to the press. That’s huge.

• Bas Rutten was on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Like Dana White’s recent visit to Rogan’s show, this one is a must-listen.

• Regional Canadian promotion Maximum Fighting Championship is not above reaching for the low-hanging fruit, with said fruit in this instance taking the form of a “freakshow” match-up that pits brother against brother. On the plus side, it’s definitely getting the MFC some press.