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Chael Sonnen Offers Up Response On “UFC Tonight”

Chael Sonnen promised, and Chael Sonnen delivered. The top contender in the UFC’s light heavyweight division offered up his response to Jon Jones on UFC Tonight Tuesday.

Jones, who will face Sonnen in April, made some comments concerning his challenger on Twitter. The former UFC middleweight contender responded.

“Jon, stop tweeting,” Sonnen stated. “Stop trying to be me. It makes you appear stupid and just gives me material to ridicule you with.”

Sonnen, however, changed his tune a little, adding, “Jon, you had another baby. In all seriousness, congratulations.” Just as quickly, though, he made sure to say, “By this time next year, you’ll be the Octomom of the Octagon.”

These two, who are currently coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, will face each other at UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen on April 27 from Newark, New Jersey.