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Ryan Bader, Carlos Condit, Andrei Arlovski: The Morning News Roundup – 3.12.13

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the heat leading up to this weekend’s UFC 158 is virtually non-existent – at least, it is in contrast to the UFC 157-Ronda Rousey extravaganza from a few weeks ago. Sure, there was last week’s media conference call, in which champ Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz got into it over the phone. But what storylines have emerged since then? What UFC 158 headlines have grabbed us? Other than the usual pre-fight grist for the media mill, there hasn’t been much. Hopefully, that will change in the next few days. Anyway, here’s your morning news:

• Brazilian bomber Glover Teixeira was supposed to take on Ryan Bader at UFC 160, but an injury to the American now has New Zealander James Te Huna stepping in. For those of you playing “MMA Nation Bingo”, now all UFC 160 needs is a fighter from Zimbabwe or Pakistan to make it onto the card for you to win.

Sam Genovese over at MMAConvert is wondering if Carlos Condit will ever be the man. Will he?

• Apparently Ireland has got a homegrown badass named Conor McGregor. If he isn’t on your radar, check this out so he is.

• Ex-UFC champ Andrei Arlovski wants to earn his way back into the UFC and regain his crown. Keep in mind that he last fought in the Octagon back in 2008, and if a strong wind hits his chin he goes to sleep.