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Junior Dos Santos, Mark Hunt, Chris Weidman: The Morning News Roundup – 3.11.13

Another big UFC looms on the horizon – this one labeled UFC 158 and featuring Georges St. Pierre versus Nick Diaz as its main event – and between now and then (Saturday), we’ll get to have an installment of TUF and a dose of Bellator. That’s a healthy menu of fighting! Yes, it’s a good time to be an MMA fan. A good time indeed. Here’s your news for this morning:

• The sport has grown in leaps and bounds in its 20 years of existence in the United States, and with that growth comes an ever-increasing population of athletes who have crested and begun the downward slope that is their careers in the cage. That’s right, I’m talking about the issue of retirement, which, with each passing year and each subsequent concussion and prolonged beating, we are seeing more and more of. MMAFighting stud wordsmith Mike Chiappetta tackled the issue masterfully in this piece he did on the subject. Check it out.

• In case you were incarcerated or in a coma over the weekend, the UFC booked Mark Hunt as Alistair Overeem’s replacement to take on Junior dos Santos at UFC 160. To quote my five-year-old daughter: “Hot diggity!”

• Diaz is fighting GSP this coming weekend. He’s also good at boxing. For proof, check out this video.

• GSP, meanwhile, is good at prognosticating (is he?). Here he is predicting that Chris Weidman is going to slaughter champ Anderson Silva.