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MMA Twins Thrive Off The Other’s Success

Identical Minnesota twins Marvin and Melvin Blumer have more than looks in common. They’re both MMA fighters in the bantamweight division and frequently compete on the same card.

When it comes to which twin is the better fighter, both were quick to hint that there was some personal scoring between the pair.

“We kind of harass each other a little bit,” said Marcin to MMA Weekly. “My brother has a lot of first-round finishes. His timing is unreal and he catches people off guard when they’re not expecting it.”

Marvin is 8-3 with each win coming by submission. A specialty of his is using the armbar to secure those wins.

Melvin has a similar record of 7-3. His wins have come by an array of ways, including two that the judges scored in his favor.

“There’s a little bit of a friendly competition about who finishes faster or whatever, a bit of one-upping going on that’s kind of a side motivator,” said Melvin.

The brothers last fought for KOTC on February 16. That evening, they both left as the victor. They hope for more fights this year as they look to land a spot in the Top 50 of their division.