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Georges St. Pierre, Nick Diaz, Fallon Fox: The Morning News Roundup – 3.8.13

Usually, when you listen to a pre-event media conference call for an upcoming UFC, it’s a lot of “blah, blah, blah”, akin to when adults would talk in those old Charlie Brown cartoons, only with more canned pledges of violence. Not so with yesterday’s UFC 158 call, which featured champ Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz and a whole lot of… I don’t know what. But it was great, and now I’m excited for next weekend’s UFC! Here’s your news!

GSP and Diaz, talking mad smack, son. You’ve got to love it.

• Bellator was last night, and Frodo Khasbulaev absolutely mauled Marlon Sandro. If you remember, Sandro was a Sengoku champ and was a huge signing for Bellator not too long ago. Also last night: this happened.

• Hey, Fallon Fox used to be a man, and now she’s fighting women in the cage. Freak out!

• Here’s a lengthy interview with New York City subway hero Joe Lozito.

New York, why do you hurt me so? Oh well, there’s still time for the state legislature to lift the pro MMA ban.