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Herb Dean Explains Recent Robbie Lawler-Josh Koscheck Stoppage

Veteran referee Herb Dean caught some flack for his decision to call the recent Robbie Lawler-Josh Koscheck match at UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche. Lawler was declared the victor after dropping Koscheck with a thunderous attack in the first round.

Dean appeared on Sherdog Radio’s “Beatdown” show to discuss the decision.

“I saw a fighter take a big shot and stop fighting. I saw he was controlled. (Lawler) was controlling his position, and (Koscheck) wasn’t doing anything to take back control of that position,” Dean said. “I saw shots coming and I saw his hands moving away from defending himself. People don’t do that on purpose. People do that because they’re hurt, and my job is to keep them from getting hurt.”

Dean admitted that he might have jumped in too quickly to stop the fight, but added, “based on what I’m looking at when I stop a fight, I think I felt good about what I did.”