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Marti Malloy On Possibly Shifting Into WMMA

Women have taken MMA by storm since the UFC adapted them into their organization. Since then, Marti Malloy has been asked if she plans to transition from judo into WMMA.

“I love judo and everything it represents,” said Malloy on The Fight Nerd. “Getting into MMA isn’t something I’m interested in. I’m a fan of it and enjoy watching the fights. I’m really happy with how women’s MMA is progressing at this point. I am considering to train in jiu-jitsu just because I think it would be a good supplement to my judo.”

Malloy took the bronze medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics in the lightweight judo division. Just five months before the games began, Malloy went down with an injury at the height of her training. She said the recovery time was quicker than she expected and she felt good.

While MMA might not be in Malloy’s future, she continues that her biggest fear will come the day she stops improving.

Malloy has been training at American Kickboxing Academy as of late. Several of the top names in the sport train there including UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, Cung Le and Daniel Cormier.