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Georges St-Pierre Believes Nick Diaz Will Make It To UFC 158

All the talk surrounding UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz currently surrounds that of contender Nick Diaz. UFC president Dana White made it known that the former Strikeforce champion was in danger of being removed following several missed interviews.

Georges St-Pierre, the reigning UFC welterweight champion, recently informed The Vancouver Sun that he believes Diaz will make it to March 16 and their scheduled match.

“He’ll show up. It would be inconceivable that he doesn’t,” St-Pierre said. “He can make money that will maybe last the rest of his life. Now showing up would be really stupid, and he’s not stupid. He’s strange and unorthodox.”

Diaz was previously removed from a title fight for his failure to appear at several press events by the UFC. His own management team and lawyer have defended the recent antics, and stated that Diaz would make any future UFC requests.

“I control what I control, and that’s to be ready for March 16,” GSP said. “Seriously, I despite it. I like you guys (reporters), but I don’t like doing this. I’ve been repeating the same thing 50 times every week. It’s like a computer in my head. But, it’s part of my job, so he has to do the same. Otherwise, it’s not fair.”