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Matt Riddle: “It’s Stupid That I Got Fired Over A Plant”

After two failed drug test for marijuana in under a year, the UFC released welterweight Matt Riddle. Being punished for marijuana use blows Riddle’s mind as it’s not a PED and he doesn’t fight while under the influence.

“The whole MMA industry for some reason hates people that smoke marijuana,” said Riddle on BJ Penn Radio. “I smoke weed and I fight. I always go out there and fight. It’s stupid that I got fired over a plant, but other people think it’s stupid that I just won’t stop smoking.”

Riddle went on that he quit smoking three weeks ago and didn’t think he was going to test positive. He was thankful that the athletic commission didn’t suspend him this time, unlike his previous bust that cost him three months of action, as the drug test was performed by the UFC.

Since his debut in MMA, which has been solely for the UFC, Riddle’s career sits at 7-3. He had two other wins, both of which were overturned to no contest due to testing positive for marijuana.

Currently, Riddle plans to take a month off after hinting that the recently toked-up and needs time for the substance to leave his system.