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Jose Aldo, Anthony Pettis Will Not Be Allowed To Bounce Around

UFC president Dana White granted UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo an immediate lightweight title fight should he defeat Anthony Pettis in August. However, Aldo will not be able to compete in both divisions if he does move up to challenge the UFC 155-pound champion.

Pettis, likewise, will remain at featherweight should he secure the belt from “Scarface.” Both had made it known they would prefer to fight in both divisions, but White told UFC Tonight Tuesday that won’t happen.

“(Andre Pederneiras, manager for Aldo) said that after Aldo beats Pettis, he wants to move up to 155 and fight there. I said that was fine, but one of the matchmakers called and said there was a misunderstanding, that he wants to go to 155, win the title and go back to 145,” White said. “That’s not happening. If he moves to 155, he stays at 155, and he holds the belt. If Pettis wins the fight, Pettis is going to have to stay at 145 and defend that belt a couple of times.”

It was made public last week that Aldo was not interested in facing Pettis, but he changed his tune once the immediate title shot at lightweight was presented to him.