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Jose Aldo, Sarah Kaufman, South Dakota: The Morning News Roundup – 2.26.13

It’s been almost 20 years since the first Ultimate Fighting Championship appeared on our television screens to punch us in the face and choke us out. In that time, the spectacle cagefighting evolved into a sport – a mainstream sport, accepted and regulated by nearly every athletic commission in the country. Nowadays, if someone thinks the sport is barbaric, they’re very likely out-of-touch or purposely ignoring the high-level MMA competitions that aired on cable TV the night before or the Olympic-class athletes who scrapped on pay-per-view last week. Either that or they’re just ignorant – which makes South Dakota State Representative Steve Hickey’s recent quote “MMA Cage Fighting [sic] is the child porn of sports” oh so endearing. Hooray for progress! Here’s your news!

• Here’s CagePotato harshing (and rightfully so) on State Representative Hickey. How did this quote come about? Well, South Dakota is on the cusp of forming an athletic commission to oversee MMA, so you know how that goes.

• Hey look at that, UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo accepted the fight against Anthony Pettis. What a good kid. But what’s in it for Aldo? A shot at the lightweight belt, apparently.

• UFC champ Ronda Rousey and challenger Liz Carmouche did well for the sport this weekend, and now the doors are open for other top female fighters to get their taste of Octagon action. Here’s Sarah Kaufman telling FightLine scribe Dana Becker she’s one of the ladies on the list. And here’s ace John Petit breaking down the UFC’s newest crop of badasses.