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Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Call Herself UFC Champion Yet

Ronda Rousey was presented the first-ever UFC bantamweight women’s title earlier this year, but she doesn’t believe she can be called a UFC champion yet. Rousey takes on Liz Carmouche Saturday night in the main event of UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche.

Like Jose Aldo and Dominick Cruz, Rousey was given the title because she was a champion in a former organization that Zuffa purchased. There was no other champs in the division prior, so she was crowned with the title.

“All the people that think I don’t deserve this belt, that I didn’t earn it, I partially agree with them,” said Rousey, during the pre-fight press conference Thursday. “I won’t consider myself the UFC champion until I win a fight in the Octagon. That’s why I won’t touch or carry this belt until I win the fight.”

Rousey did her best to avoid the belt during the staredown session that followed, but UFC president Dana White insisted she drape it over her shoulder. Rousey finally did, but quickly gave it back as soon as she could.

The former Strikeforce champion and ex-Olympian will make history with Carmouche when they compete in the first-ever female fight for the UFC. FightLine will have complete coverage of the entire event beginning Saturday night.