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Bellator 90 Results: Muhammed Lawal Vs Emanuel Newton

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Muhammed Lawal vs Emanuel Newton
Round 1. And we’re off. Mo with his hands his, doesn’t stop Newton from throwing. Everything from jabs to high kicks, Newton is throwing leather early. Mo lands a nice right hand as Newton up. Mo is keeping his left hand hand low and eats a right hand because of it. Newton throw a lead high kick and lands well. Newton lands yet another right hand by Newton. Mo’s left hand tends to stay low and he’s paid for it twice already. They exchange stiff jabs. Oooohhhh spinning back fist by Newton knocks King Mo the f*ck out!!! Newton throws a right hand that misses and his momentum helps him come back with a back fist that lands on King Mo perfectly. Mo falls forward like a tree. Newton takes Mo’s back to attempt a choke but Mo is already out, the ref steps in to stop the fight. Mo’s hands were way down, Mo didn’t even see the punch coming. What an upset!!! Mo looked overly confident during the course of the first round, hands low and and didn’t event try to shoot in at all. Wow, what a mistake by King Mo. Maybe King Mo should stay with IMPACT Wrestling, you can keep you hands down all day there.

Official Results: Emanuel Newton defeats Muhammed Lawal by KO at 2:35 of round 1.