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Bellator 90 Results: Douglas Lima Vs Bryan Baker

Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Douglas Lima vs Bryan Baker
Round 1. Lima is one of my favorite Bellator fighters, good to see him back. They meet in the center with not much action. Lima throws a few leg kicks but is slightly out of range. None the less they connected. Another kick by Lima, this time a bit harder. Baker continues to circle as Lima throws leg kicks. The impatient Utah crowd begins to boo. Not much action but not enough to be considered boring just yet. Very cautious fight. Baker jabs and meets a low kick. 1-2 by Lima and that is it. Lima throws a jab, Baker tries to counter with a right but is met with Limas right hand. Bakers eyes looked closed as his head snapped back from the punch. Baker drops to his knees and Lima jumps in to land one more right hand before the ref stops the bout. Damn Limas got serious power in that right hand.

Official Results: Douglas Lima defeats Bryan Baker by KO at 2:34 of round 1.