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Bellator 90 Results: Ben Saunders Vs. Raul Amaya

Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Ben Saunders vs Raul Amaya
Round 1. The killa bee is back!! Amays stars with a few outside kicks. A quick exchage of kicks, Saunders lands a nice body kick. Amaya attacks and shoots for a TD but falls as Saunders backs away. Saunders is throwing kicks the liver and face, one down one up. Amays keeps lunging in then bolts outta there. Saunders is long and Amaya is trying to stay out of reach. Amaya reaches for a clinch but is met with a right knee by Saunders. They separate again. Amaya is kind of wild and keeps his chin way up. Ooohh! Left high kick by Saunders right to Amayas face, Amaya falls back semi stiff. Saunders jumps in for another punch or two but the ref jumps in immediately. The kicks looks like it grazed Amayas temple, turning the lights out real quick.

Official Results: Ben Saunders defeats Raul Amaya by KO at 2:56 of round 1.