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Bellator 90 Results: Mikhail Zayats Vs. Jacob Noe

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Mikhail Zayats vs Jacob Noe
Round 1. Noe reminds us he’s from the south in his pre fight promo. And we’re off. Noe takes the center of the cage. Noe throws a low leg kick and Zayats catches the leg and lands a right hand down the pipe. They fall over and Zayats lands in Noe’s half guard. That one right hands has Noe’s mouth bloody. Zayats is trying to move but Noe keeps a body lock tight. I can’t tell whos breathing heavy but it sounds like a fucking whale’s in the cage. Nothing’s happening but the ref did give a warning about standing them up. Just as I type that, Zayats gets mount. Noe tried to just power of it the moutn but with no luck. Noe pushes off Zayats chest and Zayats goes for the armbar. Noe goes belly down, they roll over and Zayats finishes with the classic armbar. Text book as hell!

Official Results: Mikhail Zayats defeats Jacob Noe by submission (armbar) at 3:38 of round 1.