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Bellator 90 Event Results

Welcome back to Fightline’s live coverage of BellatorMMA. This week we have Bellator90 coming to us live from The Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, UT

The preliminary bouts will air on and the main card will be broadcasted on SpikeTV at 10 PM EST.

Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up-to-date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard. Get ready for the toughest tournament in sports!!

Preliminary Bouts

Bantamweight Qualifier Feature Bout
Chase Beebe vs Travis Marx
Round 1. This fight should be good. been a Beebe fan since his WEC days. I guess this fight is at 137 lbs since Beebe didn’t make weight. Marx throws a kick and they clinch. Marx is throwing some nice body shots from the clinch. Good idea considering Beebe missed weight. They break on their own when Marx lands an elbow. Marx lunges in but misses. Beebe comes forward but looks a bit slow as Marx backs away easily. Marx is making Beebe chase him a bit. Marx throws a nice outside kick on Beebe with no check. Marx throws a wild right hand that misses and gets a clinch again. They separate on their own. Beebe attacks but he gets hit. Marx lands a low kick and the ref asks Beebe if he needs time but Beebe says no. Beebe gets a single leg but Marx pops back up. Beebe keeps Marx’s back against the fence. Beebe breaks with a nice elbow. I see blood on Marx’s right eye. Marx is doing well with those inside kicks. Beebe isn’t checking any of them. Body kick by Beebe, returned by Marx. Nice straight left by Marx but Beebe retaliates with a right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 1 to Marx 10-9

Round 2. Beebe is coming forward but sorta lethargic, Jimmy Smith is saying it might be the weight cut. Beebe is coming forward but he seems to be slightly slower. Marx comes in and they clinch but they separate on their own. Marx is backing up a bit more than round one. They clinch again, Marx lands a nice knee.Beebe is definitely the harder puncher but his punches don’t seem to have the pop. Marx opens up but is met w/ a nice upper cut by Beebe. Beebe attacks again but this time Marx goes for a double leg. He lifts Beebe but Beebe threatens with a guillotine. Marx sits to escape it and Beebe stays on him. Front head lock by Beebe and then lets go for some reason. Beebe back up a bit. There’s a lot of faints and missed punches. Marx goes back to the kicks and finally Beebe checks one. Super man punch by Beebe and is met with a body kick. Beebe takes it well and the round ends.

Fightline gives round 2 to Beebe 20-20

Round 3. They tap gloves and they meet in the center. Again Beebe marches forward but not much action from him. Nice inside leg kicks by Marx. High kick by Marx, blocked by Beebe. Beebe is moving forward but it does seem as if Marx is counter punching well enough. Marx gets a clinch and pushes Beebe into the fence, he eases off and lets Beebe off the hook. Standing guillotine by Beebe and inside trip. But then lets the hold go and lets Marx get back up. Marx shoots in and is stuck in a guillotine but Marx escapes it again. They don’t look too tight so Marx is able to get out of them easily. 1-2 by Beebe lands nice, snaps Marx head back. Marx begins to circle for a bit, then goes back to back peddling. High kick blocked by Beebe. Marx lands a nice body kick, Beebe engages in the clinch and gets a single leg. Beebe gets Marx’s back on the feet but lets it go. Both fighters look tired as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 and the fight to Beebe 29-28

Official Results: Travis Marx defeats Chase Beebe by unanimous decision 30-27 on all judges score cards.

Featherweight Feature Bout
Josh Taylor vs Shanon Slack
Round 1.

Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Ben Saunders vs Raul Amaya
Round 1. The killa bee is back!! Amays stars with a few outside kicks. A quick exchage of kicks, Saunders lands a nice body kick. Amaya attacks and shoots for a TD but falls as Saunders backs away. Saunders is throwing kicks the liver and face, one down one up. Amays keeps lunging in then bolts outta there. Saunders is long and Amaya is trying to stay out of reach. Amaya reaches for a clinch but is met with a right knee by Saunders. They separate again. Amaya is kind of wild and keeps his chin way up. Ooohh! Left high kick by Saunders right to Amayas face, Amaya falls back semi stiff. Saunders jumps in for another punch or two but the ref jumps in immediately. The kicks looks like it grazed Amayas temple, turning the lights out real quick.

Official Results: Ben Saunders defeats Raul Amaya by KO at 2:56 of round 1.

Welterweight Feature Bout
Jesse Juarez vs Jordan Smith
Round 1. Jordan Smith is back, looking to change things around this time, let’s see if he’s improved. Tap of the gloves and we’re off. A few front kicks by Smith, nothing on them though. 2 nice body kicks by Juarez. Smith jumps in and throws a nice combo, it sent Juarez back but he blocked them all. Aahh shit, please stand by. Bellator is experiencing technical difficulties. Ok we’re back, now we’r not. They keep cutting off. Ok they’re exchanging kicks well, it looks like Smith is getting the better of them. Smith land s few punches that fources Juarez to shoot in a slam Smith down. But Smith gets right back up. They exchanging nasty shots against the fence and Smith looks hurt. Damn it, the video keeps cutting off. I see Juarez hurt, now I see Juarez on top in Smiths half guard. Not sure what happened there but Bellator keeps losing their signal. Ok, Juarez is still on top against the fence. Jimmy Smith is saying Jordan Smith is winning this round, I guess we can go w/ what he’s saying. Smith kicks Juarez of and briefly stands up, but Juarez take Smith back down. Same position, Juarez finishes the round on top in Smiths half guard.

Fightline gives round 1 to Jordan Smith 10-9 (based on what Jimmy Smith was saying since the signal cut off several times)

Round 2. Ok, this thing is not working well. Sound cuts off, picture cuts off. Ok they’re exchanging well but somehow Juarez got Smiths back with both hooks in. A few hammer fists by Juarez. Smith is turning into Juarez but Juarez is threatening with an arm triangle that looks crazy tight!! Smith is turning red and almost blue. Holy crap, Smith escapes. He looked out but he was there the whole time. Smith pops back up but Juarez is holding on, pushing him to the fence. Juarez drops to one knee to get the double leg but Smith has his back against the fence defending well. Juarez lifts Smith and tries to slam him but Smith posts with one of his legs. They stand up again but back down they go, Juarez is controlling Smith from his back. They’re against the fence again and Juarez gets full mount after Smith turned into him again. Not much action from Juarez from the mount and the round ends.

Fightline gives round 2 to Juarez 20-20

Round 3. Smith takes the center of the cage and Juarez somewhat back peddling. Smith opens up with nice combos, pushing Juarez to the fence. They’re back to the center. Antonio McKee is in Juarez corner, you can hear him say stop backing up. Smith attempts a spinning back fist and totally misses as Juarez ducks and gets a body lock from Smiths back on the feet. The ref breaks them up due to little action. back to the center they go. A few head kicks by Juarez but nothing lands. Smith opens up again, but Juarez just blocks as his back in against the fence. Juarez shoots and gets Smiths back when he tries to sprawl. Juarez gets one hook in but Smith is on his feet and the ref breaks them up!!?? Wtf?? Juarez had his back and the red stood separated them. Jesus. Juarez shoots again and again gets one hook in on Smiths back. Smith is turning into him and Juarez keeps top position in Smiths half guard. Smith gets full guard right before the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 3 and the win to Juarez 29-28

Official Results: Jesse Juarez defeats Jordan Smith by split decision 29-28 2xs,30-27

Welterweight Feature Bout
Dave Allred vs Sean Powers
Round 1. Allred comes into the cage thrusting his pelvis , dancing and wearing what looks to be a life size Barney head piece. Okay……They meet in the center, Powers lands a clean 1-2 combo and Allred gets a clinch quick. He pushes powers against the fence and gets the TD. Very active guard by Powers, even threatens with an armbar but Allred blocks it well. Powers tries an up-kick but Allred tosses the legs aside and roll Powers over, getting his back. Allred goes for the RNC and it looks deep but nothing. Allred gets the mount but Powers to near the fences and wall walks into a bridge and up they go. They’re exchanging on the feet and Allred gets dropped. Powers lands in Allreds half guard and is unloading elbows like no ones business. Allred uses his legs to secure Powers arms and rolls him over. They keep scrambling and for some reason Powers always gives his back. Powers rolls over and gets half guard. Allred gets a guillotine but with one of Powers arms in. Powers is now on top in Allreds half guard going for a Kimura. Powers tries to posture to land more elbows but the round ends.

Fightline gives round 1 to Powers 10-9

Round 2. Powers goes in throwing hard combos and they stumble over to the ground. Little scramble and Allred gets mount. Now he postures and lands a few elbows. Allred is taking his time and being very patient. Powers easily turns over and Allred loses top position. Allred is on his back with Powers in his guard. He moves into half and Allred turns over giving his back. Powers gets one hook in, now the other. Powers is incredibly long for a MW. He starts throwing punches to the side of Allreds head. Allred rolls over and Powers tries to secure an arm triangle but Allred gets out of it rather easily. Powers goes for it again and this time gets full mount. He postures to land more punches and elbows. Allred again uses his legs to escape, even going for a heel hook but Powers rolls out of it.Closer round 2.

Fightline gives round 2 to Powers 20-18.

Round 3. Powers gets the center of the cage, they both look a little gasses. Powers lands a jumping knee that slows Allred down some. And another one, this one lands on the chest. Another knee that lands on Allreds eye. Allred shoots in on a sloppy single and Powers sprawls easily, then gets Alrleds back, where they were in the previous round. Allred rolls over and gets monted near the fence. Allred rolls again and Powers secures the hooks. Powers is going for the RNC and after a little struggle, Allred taps. Allred looked gassed and it didn’t look like Allred was going to fight it much longer.

Official Results: Sean Powers defeats Dave Allred by rear naked choke at 2:10 of round 3.

Middleweight Feature Bout
Lionel Lanham vs Joe Rodriguez
Round 1. Wow, Rodriguez is 1-0, ok let’s see what he’s got. Tap of the gloves and we’re off. Lanhamn is attacking, Rodriguez throws an inside leg kick and get’s caught, he drops to his knees and Lanham pounces on him throwing heavy right hands. Rodriguez looks in serious trouble and Lanham is not easing off. They get up and down again they go. Rodriguez stands but gets dropped again near the fence. Lanham stands in Rodriguez’s guard to throw more and one right lands cleanly. Rodriguez goes limp for a quick second, but the ref jumps in to call the end. Very accurate right hand from Lanham, even considering how well Rodriguez was moving around. Good opening bout for the prelims.

Official Results: Lionel Lanham defeats Joe Rodriguez by TKO at 0:49 of round 1.

Main Card

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Mikhail Zayats vs Jacob Noe
Round 1. Noe reminds us he’s from the south in his pre fight promo. And we’re off. Noe takes the center of the cage. Noe throws a low leg kick and Zayats catches the leg and lands a right hand down the pipe. They fall over and Zayats lands in Noe’s half guard. That one right hands has Noe’s mouth bloody. Zayats is trying to move but Noe keeps a body lock tight. I can’t tell whos breathing heavy but it sounds like a fucking whale’s in the cage. Nothing’s happening but the ref did give a warning about standing them up. Just as I type that, Zayats gets mount. Noe tried to just power of it the moutn but with no luck. Noe pushes off Zayats chest and Zayats goes for the armbar. Noe goes belly down, they roll over and Zayats finishes with the classic armbar. Text book as hell!

Official Results: Mikhail Zayats defeats Jacob Noe by submission (armbar) at 3:38 of round 1.

Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Douglas Lima vs Bryan Baker
Round 1. Lima is one of my favorite Bellator fighters, good to see him back. They meet in the center with not much action. Lima throws a few leg kicks but is slightly out of range. None the less they connected. Another kick by Lima, this time a bit harder. Baker continues to circle as Lima throws leg kicks. The impatient Utah crowd begins to boo. Not much action but not enough to be considered boring just yet. Very cautious fight. Baker jabs and meets a low kick. 1-2 by Lima and that is it. Lima throws a jab, Baker tries to counter with a right but is met with Limas right hand. Bakers eyes looked closed as his head snapped back from the punch. Baker drops to his knees and Lima jumps in to land one more right hand before the ref stops the bout. Damn Limas got serious power in that right hand.

Official Results: Douglas Lima defeats Bryan Baker by KO at 2:34 of round 1.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout
Muhammed Lawal vs Emanuel Newton
Round 1. And we’re off. Mo with his hands his, doesn’t stop Newton from throwing. Everything from jabs to high kicks, Newton is throwing leather early. Mo lands a nice right hand as Newton up. Mo is keeping his left hand hand low and eats a right hand because of it. Newton throw a lead high kick and lands well. Newton lands yet another right hand by Newton. Mo’s left hand tends to stay low and he’s paid for it twice already. They exchange stiff jabs. Oooohhhh spinning back fist by Newton knocks King Mo the f*ck out!!! Newton throws a right hand that misses and his momentum helps him come back with a back fist that lands on King Mo perfectly. Mo falls forward like a tree. Newton takes Mo’s back to attempt a choke but Mo is already out, the ref steps in to stop the fight. Mo’s hands were way down, Mo didn’t even see the punch coming. What an upset!!! Mo looked overly confident during the course of the first round, hands low and and didn’t event try to shoot in at all. Wow, what a mistake by King Mo. Maybe King Mo should stay with IMPACT Wrestling, you can keep you hands down all day there.

Official Results: Emanuel Newton defeats Muhammed Lawal by KO at 2:35 of round 1.

Main event time ya’ll!!!

Featherweight Tournament Championship Bout
Shahbulat Shamhalaev vs Rad Martinez
Round 1. Shamhalaev had to shave his head to make weight yesterday. That didn’t help, so he kept at it and eventually got it. Let’s see if Martinez can put Shamhalaev’s difficult weight cut to good use in this bout. The Utah crowd is booing the living piss out of Shamhalaev. Shamhalaev takes the center of the cage and Martinez is circling. And here we go again with these damn USA chants. Nice outside kick by Shamhalaev, Martinez didn’t check it. Martinez keeps circling, these guys are fighting cautiously. Another leg kick by Shamhalaev. Martinez throws a kick and Shamhalaev catches it and lands a nice left on his way down. Shamhalaev jumped on him but Martinez jumped to his feet extremely fast. Didn’t give Shamhalaev a chance to pounce. Martinez lands a nice lead right hand. They exchange kicks, Shamhalaev’s lands, Martinez came up short. Martinez leaps in on a single leg and gets it. The crowd erupts. The crowd is cheering Martinez on, as Martinez is from Utah. Shamhalaev is struggling to get back up but Martinez doing an awesome job of smashing Shamhalaev against the fence. Shamhalaev tries to wall walk and Martinez is trying take Shamhalaev back down but the bell rings before.

Fightline gives round 1 to Martinez 10-9.

Round 2. Outside kick by Martinez, lands softly. Answered by a harder Shamhalaev. Nice right hand by Shamhalaev, Martinez took it well. Martinez is patiently waiting to shoot in again. Martinez fakes a shot and throws a right hand. Right head kick by Shamhalave lands cleanly, Martinez is stumbling around the cage trying to get his legs back and Shamhalaev is chasing him. Shamhalaev backs off and it looks like Martinez is recovering. Shamhalaev lands a big right hand and Martinez falls straight back totally out as his head smacks off the canvas. Shamhalaev jumps on him to land a hammer fist right before the ref jumps in. Shamhalaev never let Martinez off the hook, he patiently waited to land that fight finishing over hand right. Shahbulat Shamhalaev wins the season seven featherweight tourney, all by KO and $100K!! Curran or Strauss have their work cut out for them.

Official Results: Shahbulat Shamhalaev defeats Rad Martinez by KO at 2:12 of round 2.

Alright guys, that’ll do it for me, this has been Miggs. You can follow me on twitter at @miggs_a_barr. I’ll see you guys next week right here on Fightline, same Bellator time, same Bellator channel!! Peace!!