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Michael Bisping Battling Nerve Issue, Muscle Atrophy

Michael Bisping is set to return to action in April against Alan Belcher in the co-main event of UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen. However, during a recent interview with ESPN, “The Count” revealed that he is battling a trapped nerve and could need surgery.

“The way they’ve described it is that if you stand on a hosepipe, a lot of water doesn’t get through,” Bisping said. “The nerves along my right arm aren’t getting through. You could squeeze my peck, really get your nails into it, and I wouldn’t feel a thing.”

Bisping said it is called a atrophy, which means the muscle is “wasting away because the nerve signals aren’t getting through.” He added that he can’t even make a fist with his arm, and would need around six months off to fully recover.

So, does that mean the scheduled match with Belcher is in jeopardy? Hardly, according to Bisping.

“I like what I do, I like to be kept busy,” he stated, while adding that an appointment to see a specialist is planned prior to April.

Bisping later posted on Twitter, writing, “Just to clarify, I am not having surgery, my fight with Belcher IS NOT in peril. I’m having a minor procedure, maybe to fix an ok problem.”