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Bjorn Rebney Addresses TRT Use

CEO Bjorn Rebney hasn’t had any issues with TRT usage, but knows that those days are numbered as more fighters are given exceptions for the treatment.

“It’s a tough call because it’s one thing if someone is utilizing performance enhancing drugs to gain an unfair advantage, over someone who chooses not to use them,” said Rebney on American MMA. “But when doctors prescribe those medications for certain people that becomes a cloudy issue.”

The current Bellator roster consist of 175 fighters according to Rebney and none have presented with a TRT prescription or been popped for elevated testosterone.

With a roster that size and the use of TRT spreading, Rebney understands the issue will need to be addressed soon. He plans to speak with doctors that he trusts to get a better understanding.

UFC president Dana White recently came down on TRT users, calling them cheaters and asking for stricter drug testing to prevent it.