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Matt Riddle Spoke To The UFC About Using Marijuana

Matt Riddle was not happy after having to serve a suspension last year for marijuana metabolites being in his system. One of his major arguments was that he had a medical license to use the substance and proved that by posting it online.

“Right now they tell me our industry frowns upon it,” said Riddle on MMA Junkie Radio. “You can’t use it. You can’t test positive for it and if you test positive for metabolites, you still fail. I deal with it, and honestly I’m an advocate for it. I think it should be legal.”

It was marijuana metabolites that caused Riddle’s UFC 149 win to be overturned to a no contest. Riddle went on that he wasn’t high during that fight and it was simply in his system from earlier in the month.

If it wasn’t for that no contest, Riddle would be riding four straight wins after taking a split-decision over Che Mills at UFC on FUEL TV this past weekend.

Riddle hopes that athletic commissions will be able to test for the active ingredient in marijuana, which is THC, and not the byproduct that remains in the system after an individual is no longer under its influence.