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Mikihito Yamagami Goes From Strawweight To Flyweight

With the UFC not having a date set in stone for when they will introduce the pending strawweight division, Shooto champion Mikihito Yamagami has decided to focus as a flyweight in hopes the UFC will pick him up.

“I have decided to go up the weight class to 125 pounds,” said Yamagami to MMA Weekly. “I walk around at 142 pounds, so I am confident that I will be able to maximize my body’s potential at flyweight.”

It won’t be the first time Yamagami has toyed with the idea. In fact, the last two years have seen Yamagami make the transition to win and defend the Shooto flyweight championship.

To help with the additional 10 pounds, Yamagami will build more body mass and study is cardio much more carefully.

Yamagami last competed in September with second round submission victory over Junji Ito.