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Bellator 89 Results: Bantamweight Title Fight- (C) Eduardo Dantas Vs. Marcos Galvao

It’s main event time yall!!!

World Bantamweight Championship Bout
(C) Eduardo Dantas vs. Marcos Galvao
Round 1. They tap gloves and sorta hug. Quick indie kick by Dantas. Galvao replies with an outside kick, Dantas again with a kick. Jab by Dantas, did not connect. Dantas looks like the quicker fighter. Lots of faints, nothing serious. Hard outside kick by Galvao. Dantas lands a couple of jabs and by the time Galbao reacts, Dantas is gone. Galvao lands a leg kick that drops Dantas. Dantas pops back up and Galvao jumps on him and has his back on the feet against the fence. He lifts Dantas for the slam but Dantas blocks it well. Galvao is landing knees to the back of Dantas legs. Ref warns the guys to keep working. Dantas uses good hand control to turn into Galvao and escape. They swing and Galvao looks mildly stunned. Dantas with the 1-2 and Galvao takes it well. Galvao throwing big right hands but nothings connecting cleanly. One last straight hand hand by Galvao lands at the bell.

Fightline gives round 1 to Dantas 10-9.

Round 2. Dantas opens up with a leg kick, Galvao didn’t check it. Commentator Sean Wheelock mentions that Dantas has a cut on his eye lid but it’s not bad yet. Outside kick by Galvao. They’re both throwing well bu nothing is landing, besides Dantas stiff jab. Man, Dantas is so much faster than Galvao. Front kick by Dantas followed by an outside kick, then a jab. Dantas getting busy and connecting easily. High head kick by Dantas drops Galvao but he gets back up swinging, Galvao is throwing back but is getting hit bad. Dantas slows down and back off. Spinning back kick by Dantas lands on Galvao’s stomach. Dantas attacks Galvao with some pressure. He faints and Galvao ducks right into a right upper cut by Dantas. He falls back and Dantas pounces and finished him off with hammer fists and the ref jumps in. You can tell the hammer fists weren’t too hard. After the replay, the go back to the live shot of the cage and Dantas is crying. He goes over to shake the hands of Galvao’s corner (Vitor “Shaolin”) and “Shaolins” eyes are also watery. Great ending, but sad to see close teammates fighting one another.

Official Results: Eduardo Dantas defeats Marcos Galvao by TKO at 3:01 of round 2. Dantas keeps the Bellator bantamweight world championship.