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Bellator 89 Results: Brett Cooper Vs. Norman Paraisy

Middleweight Quarterfinal Bout
Brett Cooper vs. Norman Paraisy
Round 1. They cautiously meet in the center of the cage, wide right hand from Paraisy lands well. Cooper didn’t that like that much and he shoots in and they get into a clinch. They separate and again Cooper shoots in and this time gets the TD. Paraisy pops back up and they stay in the clinch near the cage. Cooper drops to a single leg and gets the TD. Paraisy is fighting to get back up with his back against the fence. Paraisy lands a knee or tow that seemed to have slowed Cooper down some. They exchange again and Paraisy lands a left on Cooper forcing Cooper to shoot in again. Paraisy kinda reminds me of a younger Wanderlie Silva. Cooper slams Paraisy but he pops back up and keeps swinging. Paraisy covered his face when he blocks and it looks like he can’t see the punches coming that way. Now Paraisy gets the TD, but Cooper uses the fence with his back and gets back up. Cooper drops for a double leg from a clinch and gets the TD. Cooper is on top in Paraisy’s half guard. Cooper is using his head to keep Paraisy’s head still to land one last punch before the round ends. Close round

Fighline gives round 1 to Brett Cooper 10-9.

Round 2 They meet in the center. Big uppercut by Cooper drops Paraisy and almost gets his back. Paraisy fights to get back to his feet but Paraisy is still a bit stunned and Cooper takes advantage of it and takes Paraisy back down. Paraisy momentarily turns his back but then turns back to Cooper. Cooper is in Paraisys half guard again on top. Cooper is doing a great job of keeping Paraisy down and landing clean right hands. Not very powerful but they’re landing clean. Deep half sweep by Paraisy helps him get back to his feet. Cooper is still pushing to take the fight back to the ground. Another take down from Cooper from up against the fence. Paraisy looking for that same deep half sweep, but Cooper reads it and stuff it. Paraisy sits up with his back against the fence and manages to get back to his feet. Cooper scoops Paraisy up with a double leg and slams him hard, still near the fence. These guys are working non stop. Cooper is throwing lefts and rights from top position in Paraisy’s guard. Paraisy manages to get to his knees and scoops a leg of Coopers and takes Cooper down right as the bell rings.

Fightline gives round 2 to Cooper 10-9.

Round 3 A few outside kicks from Paraisy and Cooper shoots and drives Paraisy into the cage and gets the TD. Cooper stands and lands some nice hard right hands. Paraisy gets back up but again, Cooper takes him down. Cooper is all over Paraisy, smothering him. Paraisy gets back up and Cooper takes him down once more. Cooper is doing a great job with the TD’s but he keeps allowing Paraisy to get back to his feet. He’ll use more energy taking Paraisy down than keeping him down, but again, they get back up. Cooper throws a bit then shoots again. Cooper lifts Paraisy and slams his down hard, almost knocking the wind out of Paraisy. Paraisy gets to his knees and gives up his back. Paraisy turns over and Cooper sticks to him like white on rice. Cooper in Paraisys half guard and this time when Paraisy gets to his knees, Cooper gets Paraisy back. Then he falls off and Paraisy get top position momentarily. Cooper stiff arms Paraisy easliy and gets back up, only to shoot in and slam Paraisy back down. I might call this round a 10-8. Cooper in Paraisys open guard and the round ends.

Fightline has round 3, 10-8 for Cooper.

Official Results: Brett Cooper defeats Norman Paraisy by unanimous decision. All judges have it 30-27.