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Bellator 89 Results: Andreas Spang Vs. Doug Marshall

Middleweight Quarterfinal Bout
Andreas Spang vs. Doug Marshall
Round 1. We’re off. Marshall takes the center of the cage. They exchange a bit and it looks like Spang is getting the better of it. Marshall keeps walking in to Spangs hands. Marshall throws a kick and falls but Spang didn’t jump on him. Marshall gets back up. They keep exchanging and this time Marshall gets the better of it, I think Spang is slightly hurt. Ok, Spang has his legs back. Marshall lunges in with an uppercut and they end up in a clinch. A few knees in the clinch, Spang switches position and puts Marshalls back against the fence. Ref splits them up. Another good right right by Marshall. It looks like Marshalls wide rights are landing on Spangs ear. Wide uppercut and right hand by Marshall and down goes Spang!!! He walks away like it’s done and the ref jumps in. He spun Spang around and force him to land face first after the right hand. It did look like Spang was hurt but perhaps a premature stoppage, IMO at least. Spang was damn near popping back up to his feet as soon as the ref jumped in. Either way, another KO victory for Marshall.

Official Results: Doug Marshal defeats Andreas Spang by KO at 3:03 of the 1st round.